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5 tips for a stylish office space

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5 tips for a stylish office space


Interior design isn’t just for the home, trendy bars, or that cool new coffee shop that’s opened down the road. It’s for the office too. You don’t have to settle for a bland office that’s overflowing with misery in the form of beige, grey, and other lifeless tones.

We all want a pleasant office to work in. We do spend most of our day in there after all. Besides, a stylish office place can help wow visitors, increase productivity, and close clients. A win-win situation all around.

Investing in the interior of the office place will improve the mood and ambience tenfold. Say goodbye to dull uninspiring offices and have employees look forward to coming into work each morning.

It couldn’t be simpler either. Here are five tips for a stylish office space.

1, Office chairs.
Let’s start simple. Ergonomic and functional office seating doesn’t have to mean bland, grey, and boring. Vibrant and colourful office chair, will transform the office place with minimal effort. Deluxe and ribbed office chairs, available at Cult Furniture, fit the bill perfectly with a combination of on-trend design and practicality.

2, Lighting.
Furniture is only half of the battle. The lighting can make or break the style of a room. A practical desk lamp will also work wonders both in style and productivity.

3, First Impressions Count.
What do visitors see when they first enter the building? Give a good impression and it will last for their entire visit. Would you rather a potential recruit talk about your office as being “Really stylish, It was so cool” or “It looked dull, I wouldn’t be bothered if I didn’t get the job”. An easy way to impress is by having a velvet upholstered Effie Sofa, waiting for visitors to sit on.

4, Coffee Tables.
Your potential recruit or client is set on a stylish chair in a stylish waiting room and is happily admiring the views. But what will they put their drink on? Where will they grab a magazine to pretend to read from? A coffee table, of course. But not just any coffee table, one that matches the interior and sets the tone of the office place. Is it sophisticated and serious? Or is it relaxed? The right coffee table will tell a visitor what to expect.

5, Pick a Theme and stick with it.
The most important tip. As mentioned, the waiting room and it’s decor help dictate the mood of the office. It’s essential that the rest of the interiors matches this. A waiting room with bold colours and velvet upholstery should be connected to an office space that’s equally as bold with matching furniture.

If there’s one thing you take from the article, let it be this: The office deserves style too. Give visitors something to look forward to other than unopened emails, spreadsheets, and water cooler gossip.

Visit www.cultfurniture.com for more or call at 02080238457

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