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acdc are just the ticket for Tottenham Hotspur’s new home

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acdc are just the ticket for Tottenham Hotspur’s new home


The pre-match interview

As Tottenham Hotspur began their journey to create a world class 120,000m², 62,062 seater stadium they looked no further than member of Zumtobel Group – acdc, to offer a lighting scheme that would capture the heritage of the club whilst creating a symbol for fans, visitors and the wider community.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a multi-purpose venue designed to be used for a whole host of events including the National Football League (NFL) and concerts. From the kick off it was clear that the project should put people at its centre, creating an immersive experience to remember and a reason to come back time and time again.

Back of the net

Key to this project was is the halo of light – created using 380 pieces of acdc’s BLADE RGB Linear luminaires. The stadium’s lighting was considered from the outset of the project – aiming to create an instantly recognisable stadium that would be seen by millions around the world whilst delivering the ultimate in match day and visitor experience. The halo lighting does just this, creating an iconic scene of light visible from a bird eye view whilst enhancing the guest experience for those within the stadium. Whilst working on the design concept BLADE was the winning goal thanks to its outstanding control of the beam angle and minimalistic design – allowing it to blend seamlessly into the architecture.

As fans and guests make their way towards the stadium BLADE sets the scene – lighting the stadium’s Façade. These RGB Linear luminaires allow the lighting scheme to create a destination for fans and visitors, guiding them towards the stadium – building the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. Whilst working on the design, consideration had to be given to the local community ensuring the façade lighting didn’t spill into the night. acdc worked closely with the project architects and consultants, and several mock-ups (and intensive testing) later the outcome was to create a custom louvre for the BLADE fitting – ensuring the right level of glare control.

Tottenham Hotspur wanted to create the ultimate match day experience creating a comfortable yet exciting space where thousands of visitors will pass each week. Each area around the stadium has been considered with single colour BLADE LRi highlighting the totem signs around the stadium – guiding visitors towards the next stage of their stadium experience. BLADE also features in the external balconies, grazing single colour light down the blue painted walls.

The hospitality and premium areas within the stadium feature acdc’s downlights NOVUS and NOVUS MINI. Thanks to their flat edge trim design, these incredibly compact downlights blend seamlessly into the hospitality areas. Featuring a deep recessed LED position, the NOVUS family offer glare control as standard. Ensuring visitors are offered the ultimate hospitality experience, the fittings include a louvre and frosted lens ensuring the lighting creates an atmosphere created with people at its core.

Once fans take their seats the experience and atmosphere on the build up to the greatest show on earth only intensifies thanks to acdc’s FUSION 48 RGB floodlights. The roof canopy acts as a blank canvas which thanks to individually addressable FUSION fittings, light shows can be created offering endless possibilities for the lighting to react to the game, concert or event taking place at the stadium – continuing to offer a dynamic and memorable visitor experience.

Post-match analysis

Leaders on and off the pitch, Zumtobel Group and its lighting brand acdc have worked alongside Tottenham Hotspur to create the next level in stadium guest experience whilst subtly engaging them with the Tottenham Hotspur brand. More than just the promise of a pie and a good sing song, this stadium offers fans the reason to come hours before kick-off, to meet with family and friends taking in the atmosphere whilst immersing the next generation of fans in safe and exciting surroundings.

Alfred Felder, Zumtobel Group CEO, commented “We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Tottenham Hotspur, one of the world’s top football clubs, to provide lighting solutions for the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and play our part in this iconic project. Translating the specifications and ideas of the architect and the light designer into tangible products was a major challenge which we were able to meet thanks to our expertise in stadium lighting and our ability as a full-range supplier”.

Gareth Frankland, acdc CEO, commented “As a British brand, working with Tottenham Hotspur was an honour and a privilege. Having the products, expertise and knowledge allowed us to work with the project team, and we are proud to have delivered a world class solution on a truly ground breaking stadium”.

Matthew Collecott, Director of Operations, Tottenham Hotspur comments “We have sought to create a world-class stadium in every aspect and that includes sourcing an innovative solution to our lighting.  This has been made possible through the Zumtobel Group and we have been extremely pleased with the results they have achieved as part of this iconic project.”

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