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Amina Celebrate 20 years with the launch of new Mobius i series


Amina Celebrate 20 years with the launch of new Mobius i series


As part of their 20th Anniversary, Amina have launched the next revolutionary upgrade to one of their most popular invisible speaker series, the Mobius.

The Mobius i series represents a further leap in acoustic efficiency and improved overall acoustic performance, which comes as a result of investing more than ever in research and development.  The hope of this is to refine the performance of Amina invisible speakers, whilst making more efficient use of precious rare earth materials.

Amina invisible speakers use VPT (vibrational panel technology) to distribute a sound that is non-directional and will fill a space with acoustic ambiance.

The basic principle of VPT is the use of a sound board mechanism from a musical instrument, driven by an electro-magnetic device to set up its vibrations, rather than, for example the strings of a violin

One of the huge advantages, alongside the acoustic excellence of invisible speakers, is their ability not to disrupt beautiful designed spaces.

Each space where invisible speakers are installed, will have had tailored advice as to where the speakers would work at their best.  Products have been installed in spaces from residential, commercial and historical, to the super modern, with stunning results.

With the launch of the Mobius i series, Amina Celebrated at the new Amina London Experience centre in partnership with Tateside, located in Tower Hill, where demo appointments to experience the range of Amina invisible Speakers are now available.

For more information on the Mobius i series, wider product range, and the Tateside showroom, please contact the team on 01480 354390, sales@aminasound.com or visit uk.aminasound.com

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