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Asco Lights


Asco Lights are based in Manchester and London and work closely with architects all over the UK.  As a highly professional, passionate and creative company we understand why lighting is an integral component that can affect and transform any space, the architecture and interior design as a professional lighting designer we can provide support and add value to both your residential and commercial projects and offer the following:

  •       Specialist Lighting Design
  •       Lighting Supply
  •       Advice on specification of lighting products

We now represent over 30 different manufactures and provide everything from the latest in architectural lighting solutions to bespoke, decorative lighting products.

We would like to introduce an innovative lighting system invented for total integration with architecture.  The seamless profile system is an innovative solution designed for creating light architectures. This brand-new patented material coated with special resins allows for the creation of ultra-lightweight linear profiles. These profiles can be used for a variety of solutions for both residential and commercial projects and has the heat sync built into the profile with the LED tape can be clipped in with a diffuser to eliminate any dotting and create an unbroken and diffused lighting effect. The seamless profiles can be fixed using a poly urethane adhesive on double layer plaster board walls, both during wall installing or after wall completion without modifying its frame or after wall completion without modifying its frame, on single layer ceiling or on surfaces of any material after filling, sanding and applying primer, the wall can be finished with any kind of paint.  There are three possible applications, both available as wall or ceiling lamp: semi-recessed application with external and angular profile. They are customizable according to your needs and taste and allow for a pure lighting effect with no visible lamp body so that only the luminous effect can be perceived.

Please contact our light and design team to discuss your project in further detail and to see our full catalogue or product samples

The catalogue is available to download at https://www.asco-lifestyle.co.uk/catalogue/seamless-integrated-lighting-profile-systems/

Please visit our website www.asco-lifestyle.co.uk or alternatively, feel free to call for more information.

Contact Details:

Asco Lights
91 Lower Hillgate, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 3AW
Tel: 0161 207 0212



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