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Healthcare fitouts are switching on to Intelligent Glass


As the UK’s leading manufacturer of Switchable Smart Film solutions, Intelligent Glass are trusted by some of the world’s most important brands and services, adding a responsibility to our commitment to quality, customer care and product development. As an emerging technology, specifiers and designers alike are switching on to the vast benefits that Switchable technology can bring, not just in terms of style and class, but also in terms of practicality, functionality and simplicity, making it a worthy investment for anyone requiring an effective privacy solution. Switchable glass or film offers instant privacy at the press of a button via remote control, changing the state of glass from frosted to clear right before your eyes. Available as a retrofit film or a full solution in the form of glass, it is an incredibly versatile technology that can be adapted to the specifier’s needs using different glass options such as fire rated glass, sound insulating glass or even coloured glass. However, the applications of this incredible technology in healthcare fitout applications in particular aren’t just impressive, they’re important, offering a far more superior solution to privacy requirements than current solutions can.

Many specifiers have already identified the benefits of Switchable technology in healthcare environments, revolutionising the way patients are treated and importantly, affecting the way they impress on patients and their loved ones, helping them feel cared for and safe in the knowledge their privacy is a top priority. A great example of this is a recent project Intelligent Glass have completed for an NHS Hospital in Paisley, who had 42 panels of 12mm Laminate Switchable Glass installed into 5 of their critical patient rooms on their ICU ward.

Speed was a highly important aspect for this project, encouraging contractors Indeglas to turn to Intelligent Glass. Not only this, but we also boast a solid reputation for the quality of our products; being world renowned for the impact of our research and development and offering the very best manufacturing facilities possible. In this case, the technology was used to great effect, allowing healthcare professionals to offer high quality privacy whilst still being able to monitor the patients visually without having to disturb them.

With this installation, healthcare professionals are able to change the privacy glass that shrouds the room instantly from up to 25 meters away via remote control. This offers a unique solution that is highly functional, allowing critical patients and their family to enjoy the benefit of privacy whilst giving those responsible for their care a fast option to be able to monitor them should they need to. In comparison to alternative privacy solutions such as curtains or blinds, which can either be cumbersome or impractical in critical situations, Laminate Switchable glass offers a stylish, classy and safe solution that is easy to clean and maintain.

Intelligent Glass boast the hygiene benefits of using Switchable technology compared to curtains, and this application indeed maximises this benefit. In a critical care environment, hygiene is of the utmost importance and can mean the difference between life and death if not practised properly. Switchable glass in a setting such as this offers a far easier to clean surface than curtains or blinds can, helping to free up time for staff as well as potentially offering a more hygienic environment.

This project ranks as just one amongst many where Switchable technology has helped to change the face of a healthcare environment for the better, with a wide range of solutions manufactured by Intelligent Glass that can be used in many areas in the healthcare industry.

One of Intelligent Glass’s strongest solutions in this environment is their revolutionarily Door Vision Panels, which function as small Switchable windows in doors with existing glass panels that can afford privacy to the occupant, allowing a button on either or both sides of the door to grant the ultimate in privacy solutions for rooms. Ideal for healthcare applications, professionals can settle patients in a room, offering privacy in cases where required whilst allowing others who may need the room to check if it is occupied before entering, likewise, occupants can use the Switchable Panel to check who is looking to enter and make a value judgement as to whether they should allow entry or not.

Switchable technology offers superior healthcare fitout and construction privacy solutions that can change the way these environments operate. Whilst particularly beneficial in healthcare settings, Intelligent Glass is specified in all kinds of markets, from office fitouts to retail refurbishments; the limit is only your imagination. To learn more, please see our website.



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