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Innovation in street lighting


Kingsmill are proud to introduce a range of safe, lightweight and durable Composite Lighting Columns which offer the customer the ability to customise their design

UPLIGHTING INSIDE THE LIGHTING COLUMN The addition of lighting inside the column adds an exciting new dimension to applications, such as landscaping . . .

COLOURS The lighting column can be provided in two basic colours . . . Other RAL colours are available up on request, and for an additional charge, for example . . .

GRAPHICS Revolutionary to the street lighting industry is the ability to add graphics to the lighting column. The graphic pattern is “locked in” between the gelcoat and the composite material, thus being protected from damage. The customer has the possibility to design their own graphics or logo to add to the Composite Lighting Column – Kingsmill can advise on the suitability of the graphic for incorporation into the column. Examples of graphics are shown below . . .

LUMINOUS COATING (option) The addition of coated glass microbeads on the surfaces of lighting columns outside schools, hospitals, park entrances and retirement homes or leading up to pedestrian crossings, will reflect the lights of oncoming vehicles, thus warning drivers of their approach to areas where children or the elderly may be crossing.

POWER OUTLET AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING The column can be fitted with a power outlet, for example for the charging of electric vehicles.

POINT OF INTEREST INFORMATION The Kingsmill Intelligent Lighting Column could be equipped with a wifi speaker, such that the pedestrian can interact with the column to receive tourist information and/or guidance.

Kingsmill Lighting Columns are manufactured from composite material.

ENVIRONMENT The Composite Lighting Column is 100% recyclable. Production methods have low CO2 emission. The composite columns do not cause interference for radio waves, microwaves, radars and other airport infrastructure.

SAFETY Columns with bottom diameter 193mm and height up to 9m: • Speed: 70km/h • Test result: 70:NE:3

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1773 510001 | Fax: +44 (0)1773 417850 www.lightingcolumn.co.uk Email: sales@kingsmillearthing.co.uk

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