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When I first got involved in the security door and window industry, I thought I knew at least a bit about doors and windows, having used them all my life. As it turned out, I had a bit of an eye-opener when it came to the ease and speed with which criminals can gain entry to a property through various types of locks and doors. Everything I saw from lock picking to purely just kicking down the door made me realise that my front door had given me a false sense of security all this time.

Affluent counties have reported increases in burglaries during the latest release of annual crime stats and there are currently neighbourhoods in London where we’re helping to combat burglaries from mopeds crashing through front doors. A high quality security door can do so much more than just keep intruders (not to mention wind, fire, water, cold and noise) out. It can improve a property’s aesthetic, raise its value and decrease the cost of insurance.

We’re starting to see a trend where new builds and refurbishments are including an element of panic rooms, security doors or security windows as standard. When you’re designing properties, you need to be able to personalise the security aspects so they fit seamlessly into the overall look and feel, without detracting from it. Our bespoke design service and ability to literally incorporate any door furniture into the manufactured product, gives you all the flexibility you’ll ever need.

Why Magnificent Security?

  • Truly bespoke – freedom of choice regarding design, materials, colour, finishes and features.
  • Security – incredibly durable panic rooms, security doors and security windows with bulletproof or triple-glazed security glass.
  • Listed buildings – we have a track record of replicating existing doors for high profile clients.
  • Peace of mind – our doors have been tested and certified and our products have a warranty.
  • Full service – we design, manufacture in the UK, deliver, install and service your new security doors, security windows and panic rooms, whilst recycling anything that is being replaced.
  • Free consultation at home – our showroom is near Kings Cross station (by appointment).

Contact details:


Jacques du Preez

078 0445 6965


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