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THE NATURAL WOOD FLOOR COMPANY manufactures the finest wood flooring, from sustainable sources, in all shades, sizes and finishes; from dark aged oak floors to subtle grey shades and cool coastal varieties.  Our extended parquet range, featuring 29 different designs, is particularly popular amongst architects and interior designers, and with a newly launched website, it’s now easier than ever to find the perfect floor to fulfil clients’ requirements.

For a convincing reclaimed look, there’s nothing better than our Oak Aged Parquet blocks.  With special tumbled edges and a worn natural appearance, it looks convincingly vintage.  These specially aged oak blocks have many benefits over original solid wood parquet, as they can be used with underfloor heating, there’s no restrictions on quantity  or limited batch sizes and they are much easier to fit.  They are available in natural oak, Antique or Ebony finishes. Alternatively, there are countless variations to explore with our unsealed varieties.

For a clean, modern look our large format 600 mm blocks look stunning in both small and large spaces.  With fewer joins between the blocks, they create a clean, unfussy look.  Available in a spectrum of colours, from the natural tones of oak, to the white and grey shades of White Mist, Silver White, Coastal Grey and Drift Wood and the darker hues of Antique and Jacobean.

For a floor that really stands out, there’s our Oak Parquet Band Sawn Effect Unsealed.  This features horizontal markings running through the blocks which recreate the saw marks that were etched into the wood, back in the day when the wood was cut by hand.  Another very distinctive floor is our Oak Walnut Fine Line Parquet.  As the name suggests, this features alternating strips of oak and walnut, so the blocks feature dark cocoa tones through to taupe, gold and hints of ivory.  This design has been used as a feature wall in commercial projects to great effect.

In addition to our standard parquet blocks, we also manufacture Premier Oak Chevron blocks, which are cut with angled ends (unlike standard parquet which features square ends).  This creates the classic herringbone zig zag pattern once laid.  If time scales are tight, our Oak or Walnut Chevron Boards offer a great time saving solution.  Constructed as a board, rather than single blocks, they are much quicker and easier to fit, without compromising on the quality of the design.

We are able to work with architects to create bespoke flooring solutions, where possible, so if you have a project in mind that requires a specific look, do talk to us and we will do our very best to help.  We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts at our London Showroom, who are on hand to offer their help and expertise.

The Natural Wood Floor Company

20 Smugglers Way



SW18 1EG

020 8871 9771   www.naturalwoodfloor.co.uk

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