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Opening Doors to the Future


Opening Doors to the Future


There is a big change happening to doors right now, throughout the design world.

Doors used to be a designers nightmare, the last design item to be resolved. Just finished a fantastic room design, contemporary, modernistic, great looking and then, a compromise….how to find a door design that fits in with the overall room design.

This problem has been solved by the use of flush finished doors, a trend that is taking markets by storm.

Using a door panel that is flush to the wall means it can be completely incorporated into the room design whatever that design is. No longer does the door design have to compromise the overall look.

The door can now be painted exactly the same colour as the walls and in effect ‘disappears’ into the wall. Alternatively it can be painted the perfect contrasting colour for a stunning effecr that adds to the overall picture.

Ideas don’t stop there; any wall design or trend could be included and ‘run’ over the door surface effectively completely integrating it into the design.

So the doors role in the design has chenged, no more compromises a complete 100% result.

Rocket Door Frames are at the forefront of this interesting trend having developed a galvanised steel door frame with invisible hinges that cannot be seen at all but are 3-way adjustable for a perfect fit every time. And no need to compromise on the door as they have designed it to fit UK standard size doors so you can choose a designer door or just a flush door and make your deign complete.

The frame has perferated edges for plastering perfectly flush with the wall and can be adjusted to fit a wall width from 88 to 125 mm finished wall thickness. With a pull left or pull right opening you ave the flexibility to achieve the result you are looking for.

Need a 30 minute fire door approval? The Rocket Door Frame has been fully tested and approved for use with a wide range of FD30 door panels with the simple addition of the Rocket Fire Door Kit, this includes the intumescent strips which arre applied to the framework to you save time and effort as there is no need to route out the door edges. Simple and it works!

If you are looking for a complete design to your room then Rocket Door Frames are the answer, available from stock and backed up by easy to understand installation instruction and great customer service.

Give them a call at or take a look at www.rocketdoorframes.com

Contact details would be 03309980617 – info@rocketdoorframes.com

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