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Phantom Smart Screens – up to 12m wide in a single span

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Phantom Smart Screens – up to 12m wide in a single span


Phantom Smart Screens are robust four-sided permeable barriers, designed to give the home-owner serious solar control – especially for new builds and renovations where glass is a key architectural feature. They are made up to 12m wide in a single span, making them the largest residential single-span screens available in the UK.

Built into the fabric of the property, Phantom’s automated smart screens are connected to mains power and provide intelligent, automated solar and privacy control.

Operated by remote-control, the screens can be linked to home automation systems and weather sensors. Sun and wind detectors activate the screen at specific set parameters to help control internal light and temperature. The screens can work with GPS to automatically deploy with seasonal daylight changes and can be linked to voice activation devices (like Alexa/Siri) via Somfy’s TaHoma® software.

Design and Innovation

The automated screen design was first conceived in north America to manage the problem of insect encroachment in large modern properties. In the UK, new approaches to residential build design have driven demand for a screen product to help manage solar gain issues in glazed living areas – predominantly through the adoption of large sliding and bi-folding doors. More glass of course means more need for solar control to prevent the creation of ‘greenhouse’ living; so, the Phantom Smart Screen was developed to support homebuilders – discreetly, aesthetically, and intelligently.


Major benefits

Architectural Integration

The automated smart screen is designed to fit the current modern home aesthetic – i.e. in keeping with clean architectural lines, with very low/no impact on architectural design. When not in use, they simply disappear into the dedicated pocket spaces. Drop bars are colour-matched precisely to existing frame colour schemes to work with the building and add further integration.

Intelligent Home Product

As consumer attitudes and buying habits evolve around the connected home, so our screens have evolved to deliver on expectations and help home owners stay ahead of smart home trends. In creating an intelligent product that spans interior and exterior, we’ve considered controls and sensors that work automatically with weather (outside control) and with human command (inside control).

Smart Solar Control, Reduced HVAC Cost

The screens can be fitted with a large choice of performance fabrics depending on need and on the property’s aspect. Solar control mesh can block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing heat build-up and therefore reducing the need for costly air conditioning. When heating, cooling and lighting performance are included in build calculations, smart screens contribute significantly to the building’s overall performance rating.

Robust Product

Phantom Smart Screens are not blinds. They are robust, engineered four-sided zipped products designed to work with the property and withstand the weather. Our technical team are highly experienced and knowledgeable in build integration, and, as part of the global Phantom network, we work with individuals, contractors and developers worldwide.

Improved Interior Environment

Unlike thermochromic glass, the use of mesh ensures that internal spaces have continuous ventilation – better for health, and better for the interior atmosphere. Reduced UV also helps protect furnishings from sun bleaching.

All Phantom Screen mesh will prevent insects and other exterior debris from entering the property. Bugs are attracted to the warmth created inside highly glazed areas; our smart screens let home builders enjoy their new interior free from nuisance insects.

Retained Views

Smart screen mesh retains views to the outside, and depending on density, is barely noticeable – meaning property owners can enjoy the outside view and connections to the landscape.

Additional Privacy

While smart screens retain views and maintain connections with exterior landscapes, they also offer outside-in privacy. When deployed, screens create an external ‘mirror’ preventing daytime onlookers.

Different colours achieve different effects too. Dark mesh allows you to see through and focus on the landscape beyond; because dark mesh reflects less light and glare. Light colour mesh reflects light back towards you making it harder to see what’s on the other side of the screen; consequently, light mesh works well as an internal blind/screen solution, allowing architects to create a permeable ‘wall’ in an opening.

Value for Money

Phantom’s Smart Screens offer value for money predominantly by helping to manage ‘G’ Value; reducing costly power bills for air-conditioning and cooling. They do this by allowing cool air to circulate at specific times of day and by significantly reducing solar gain and radiant heat from the sun (% reduction depends on the % openness, the colour of the performance mesh, the position of the screen and the internal or external recess specification). Some studies suggest solar screens reduce power costs by up to 33%. Conversely in winter months, smart screens can help provide additional insulation by retaining latent heat when deployed later in the day.

To find out more, please visit www.phantom-screens.co.uk or call us on 0800 0963015

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