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Solarspot, the world’s most efficient solar tube system


No other sun tunnel system will deliver as much daylight through an equivalent size or length of pipe and that’s a fact.

Nothing lights up a building interior like a Solarspot® tubular daylighting system. Solarspot’s advanced technologies and patented design ensure that the maximum amount of daylight is delivered into dark and windowless areas of any building. In fact, size-for-size, no other daylighting system comes close to the natural light delivery of a Solarspot. In a test carried out at the Building Research Establishment (BRE), comparing the Solarspot with the Solatube; in a side-by-side installation, the D-38 Solarspot would deliver around 69% more light than the Solatube 290DS.

In other comparative testing, Solarspot systems are shown have higher efficiency right across the range, from 250mm diameter up to 900mm diameter, to deliver more daylight deep into the heart of any building.

Class-leading, patented technologies deliver unrivalled results.

Whilst one sun tunnel system might look much the same as another, the levels of daylight that actually make it down to the room below can vary massively. Comparing systems in the 300 – 400mm diameter category, the amount of daylight can vary as much as 2000%. In tests carried out at the BRE, top-selling 350mm diameter flexible-duct units were shown to be around 1.5% to 3.8% efficient. Compare that to a 380mm diameter Solarspot D-38 and the efficiency (with the same configuration) was 63% – around 20 times more daylight.

All Solarspot units, from the smallest 250mm system to the largest 900mm diameter system, have patented daylight harvesting technologies that actively capture light to maximise the performance whatever the weather conditions or time of year. Solarspot’s RIR light capture lenses redirect low-level direct light on sunny days and refracts in light that hits the dome from all angles on overcast days. In fact, something like 77% of all of the light that enters the top of the tube reflects off, or passes through, the RIR capture lens. This not only redirects the down into the tube at a much steeper, more efficient angle, but also dramatically reduces the levels of any harmful UV that might otherwise be delivered directly on top of the occupants of the area below. The small amount of remaining UV is then filtered by the Convas lens and ceiling diffuser.

The daylight is then transferred to the areas below via the world’s most reflective tubing material. With a specular reflective value of 99.7% no other material is more efficient. This means that only a tiny amount of energy is lost every time the light bounces down the tube. Compare this to systems that have a seemingly impressive reflectance of 98% and you could be forgiven for thinking that there’d be little difference in the light transference.  However, a percentage of the reflectance of these materials is what is known as diffuse reflectivity and the result is that around 6 or 7% of energy (light) is lost on each bounce, compared to only 0.3% with a Solarspot system.

On the roof, Solarspot is able to offer the widest range of roof flashings so you’re sure to be able to find a solution for your particular application.

For more information, technical support or prices you can contact Solarspot on Solarspot@syneco.co.uk or on 019008 299117.

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