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Spotlight on Sustainable Design


Adding Value to Workspaces through Green Design

Green Design is relevant to organisations of every size, capitalising on efficient use of space, reducing materials and other resources to a minimum. JPA Furniture help clients optimise and future-proof their workspaces, creating energising comfortable environments which enable staff to be productive and businesses retain the talent needed for success.

As specialists in contact furniture supply across commercial, educational and healthcare sectors our sustainable design goes a step further – bringing measurable social, environmental and financial value to your project.

That’s because we’ve built our business with sustainability at the core, ensuring that every aspect of our operation, service and products contributes to the low carbon economy alongside the creation of flexible, sustainable spaces.

Responsible Sourcing:

Our furniture is responsibly sourced with audited supply chains and safe manufacturing processes, ensuring social and environmental responsibility at each stage. Many of our products come with EPDs (environmental product declarations in line with ISO14025) demonstrating high percentages of recycled materials, and all are recyclable at end of life.

End of Life:

Products are designed for end of life commissioning, are recyclable and eligible for Ska, BREAM (RFO) Building Refurbishment and LEED credits.  Chain of Custody can be provided for timber-based products ensuring low impact, renewable sourcing.

Natural Materials:

Natural materials, eco-friendly materials and consideration of textures woven through each projects as research has shown Biophilic principles in the workplace to have a strong, measurable impact on key employee outcomes such as well-being, productivity and creativity.

Resource Maximsation:

To make the most of existing resources already in place whilst adapting to the evolving needs of your business, JPA Furniture also offer an office refresh/reconfiguration service for existing work-spaces with minimal capital outlay.


Re-purposing, refinishing or refurbishment services also reduce business furniture waste. Ask about our reclaimed products.

Award Winning Furniture Collection and Recycling:

JPA Furniture provide an award-winning end of life furniture collection and recycling service, diverting it from landfill and immediately improving your organisations’ environmental performance – we offer full certification for this service which can be displayed to show carbon and landfill kg savings.  This is generally les expensive than as our vehicles are already local and is carried out as part of the same order process, adding financial value.

New for Old:

This service is generally on a ‘New for Old’ basis, using the same vehicles that deliver your new furniture to collect the old items at the same time, backfilling our vehicles with no additional journeys required – even the process is environmentally sound.

Furniture Rehoming:

And that’s not all, we re-home any furniture collected that is still-fit for task within our operational community, connecting our clients and community in a meaningful way – at zero cost.  Everyone wins.

Social Value:

JPA Furniture have recycled over 15,000 items and rehomed/re-used over 3000 redundant furniture items in the community, saving over 350 landfill tonnes and our community more than £250,000 in new furniture spend.

Local Service:

We operate locally in North London and Home Counties with resources based within our client base, ensuring optimal service, rapid response and low operational carbon use. Our approach is local, sustainable, innovative and responsible.

If you’d like to do business differently, more sustainably, with measurable social, environmental and financial value, simply get in touch at:





tel: 01727 840800

Head Office: Sphere Industrial Estate, Campfield Road, St Albans AL1 5HT

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