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Windhager UK has supplied 23 biomass boilers to tenants of Warwick District Council after it won national funding of £118,000 to install wood fuelled heating systems into its homes.

The scheme was intended to reduce carbon emissions, energy bills and fuel poverty. The award represented 50% of the total cost of the proposed installations and has benefited the tenants currently living in rural properties which were still heated by solid fuel and with no availability of natural gas. Renuvo, one of the Midland’s foremost low carbon heating and power companies undertook the whole project including the installation of radiators and hot water systems. All of the boilers were fitted into properties that are off the gas grid and had been heated by either coal fired or electrical heating systems. Warwick District Council was successful in a bid for government funding which resulted in them being able to fund the installations.

Windhager’s VarioWIN 12kW boilers were installed as they are designed for households with a low energy demand. A small installation footprint with a high performance makes the VarioWIN the perfect choice for retrofit solutions of properties requiring small heating demands and where space is minimum.

As a result the council has had tremendous feedback from their tenants who have seen a significant reduction in their fuel bills and a consequential reduction in fuel poverty as well as improved efficiency and comfort levels within the house. The council has been successful in massively reducing the carbon emissions in the properties and they have now committed to fund further biomass installations as their first choice option in appropriate rural properties. Mark Perkins of Warwick District Council, commented, ”I think biomass is a great technology, Windhager have provided an excellent product and service. Not only is it great for the environment, the tenants will be able to save a considerable amount of money on their fuel bills.”

The tenants have been extremely pleased with the results, one of them saying, “We are absolutely over the moon with the new biomass system, our house is so much warmer and we no longer dread going into a cold bathroom. In the first month we made a £60 saving on our energy bill.”

The previous heating systems were inefficient, environmentally unfriendly and resulted in high energy bills. The VarioWIN is a fully automated wood pellet boiler with modulating burner technology to provide the best combustion results across the output range of the appliance. It is tried and tested technology with small amounts of ash being produced, gives longer periods between maintenance.

Further information is available from Windhager UK on 01225 892211 email: enquiries@windhager.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.windhager.co.uk