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Over 400 metres of the Unifold® Gutter lining system was installed on London’s iconic venue, The Royal Albert Hall, throughout the summer of 2023.

The Unifold® Gutter Lining System was chosen for its versatility, unfailing ability to replicate existing systems and its long life.

Following a survey by Ampteam personnel, along with Saper Glass Industries Limited, a design solution was provided for the gutters and samples were sent to test fit the Unifold® gutter lining within the gutter cavity, as the throat dimension varied considerably across the profiles.

All runs of the gutter were manufactured to suit the curved nature of the dome which roofs the Hall, and to fit within the minimal throat dimension between the glazing and glazing bars, meaning that bespoke faceted and cranked joint plates were provided so that the new Unifold® lining could follow the profile of the existing gutter.

Full site information was provided including laying sequences, special details and instructions with each delivery of the system.

Ampteam were partnered by Approved Installer, Saper Glass Industries Limited and Faithorn Farrell Timms as contract administrator, and their input and expertise, along with comprehensive discussions throughout, enabled a successful installation of the Unifold® system.

Following installation of the Unifold® every Unifold® gutter run was water tested by flooding the gutter from the top of the run(s) via hose, with additional assistance from the poor weather, and no leaks were detected in any of the installed gutter runs.

Ampteam are at the very forefront of gutter design and manufacture having developed the Unifold® gutter lining system some 20 years ago to provide custom designed solutions to leaking gutter problems.

Each prospective installation is treated as an individual with due consideration given at the design stage, following a survey, to improvements to the original gutter and outlet capacities.

We constantly strive to innovate and develop our products and from this policy further techniques, such as the “hinge” the basis of the folding system, or the clip joint which has been designed to cope with difficult access situations, are examples amongst the many which have been developed to provide our clients with total peace of mind.

Unifold® utilises an EPDM membrane at the wet surface for longevity without fear of corrosion, it employs a double sealed joint which can be guaranteed not to leak and the system is engineered to maximise the potential of each and every installation whether it be in conjunction with roof replacement or over sheeting or just to re-line the existing gutter; given design consideration the majority of installations can benefit from increased capacity and efficiency and to perform very long term without fear of material deterioration or joint leakage.

Our fabrication techniques, whilst employing basic sheet metal technology, are totally unique. Using our hinge principles we are able to form and fold components that would normally be impossible. This ability has been an invaluable aid to the system and its component development.

It is very often a practical and cost effective solution to consider lining an existing gutter and Unifold® offers exceptional life expectancy and corresponding joint integrity, often far better than the original gutter and following design consideration can often actually increase existing gutter capacity, enlarge outlet orifices and introduce additional outlets with relative ease. Sumps can also be introduced to correct or improve the collection of water at outlet positions and it is possible for these improvements to be achieved without disturbing the roof and with the absolute minimum of disruption to processes beneath.

Whenever possible gutters are surveyed by Ampteam personnel. The company actively encourages contractors to use its survey services and this is available throughout the UK and each Unifold solution is designed to provide the client, the building occupier, with the best possible solution and on occasions this will result in an improvement in performance to the original gutter.

Ampteam strive to provide the finest quality materials and manufacturing excellence. There is no other company solely dedicated to the specific intent of engineering the finest gutter lining solutions which are totally fit for purpose and with such an exceptional life span.

Unifold® is provided with full technical support from advice at the inception of an enquiry through to installation and beyond. Our countywide network of fully trained approved contractors are available to install and provide maintenance inspections and cleaning when required.

Unifold® is installed by approved contractors whose installation teams have been fully trained by Ampteam personnel in house at our training facility and following installation, by an approved contractor, the gutter lining is guaranteed for a period of 30 years.