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3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes: The Leading Edge


With architectural films, every surface is a potential project for architects and designers to rehabilitate any space in a sustainable way. But what is the difference with 3M™ DI-NOC™ architectural finishes? What makes these surface finishes different?

DI-NOC is no ordinary vinyl, with no ordinary finish. Not all films are created equal!

With more unique patterns and specialist ranges than any other brand, 3M DI-NOC is the leading choice for architects when specifying film for interior design projects. The DI-NOC range offers the most realistic as well as high impact and sophisticated designs that have all been created using 3M innovative technologies. En-vogue finishes like the exterior, ultra-matte or abrasion resistant patterns have an additional topcoat to provide a truly unique finish, that other films simply can’t replicate.

The 3M brand name is synonymous with trust and DI-NOC is no exception to this. As a premium cast surface finish, it is more than just another vinyl. The reason DI-NOC has been tried and tested within commercial buildings is that it can offer the superior performance that’s needed for demanding 3D applications within interiors. So, knowing the product is not a new fad definitely gives you peace of mind in using it within commercial projects.

With a choice of over 1000 cutting edge patterns you can create really cool designs with some really unusual finishes to be on the pulse with the latest trends. Previously a designer’s nightmare, the Matte collection features a unique coating technology on multiple colours, woods, metallics and stone finishes to provide a superior texture and depth. The technology works by converting incident light into diffuse reflection to suppress specular reflection. Put simply, it looks ultra-matte and its fingerprint resistant too. Other products that claim to be matte are often uniform, with no deep embossing or intonation.

For areas that need to be more durable, there is a matching complement of finishes with an additional abrasion resistant topcoat for protection. This specialist hardwearing range reduces visible scratches in high traffic areas, or on tougher horizontal applications.

Not only that, but both physical and chemical properties have been tested and proven to outperform other films, even on standard ranges. 3M DI-NOC is designed to provide the most durable option for refurbishment and design projects, coupled with industry leading testing methods and warranties.

The majority of the 3M DI-NOC range are made up of a durable cast PVC, which provides a typical lifespan of 12 years. Higher quality product means less shrinking. 3M DI-NOC offers up to 5 times more dimensional stability compared to some competitive architectural finishes. Cast PVC films also conform more easily on 3D areas, which means you can achieve a higher level of finish around edges and corners which can look much more realistic within commercial design schemes. The idea of architectural finishes is to mimic the look and feel of real materials… using a quality product will allow you to achieve this.

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