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A Greater Union Now Has A Commercial Angle


Leading taps valves and fittings manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire is introducing a new and improved version of its Union Angle Valve that is used in its Thermostatic Mixing Valves. The growing value these products are now presenting in the UK Health Care and commercial market is supported by the convenience for servicing and maintenance at the point of use.

Pegler Yorkshire has experienced huge success amongst specifiers and installers with its Prestex Thermostatic Mixing Values since their launch three years ago.  Attributed primarily to features such as inlet port protectors which prevent debris entering the valve prior to installation and a unique bar code for production trace ability and quality tracking. The company is now utilising this knowledge and understanding of market requirements by including an additional feature in its new Prestex TMV Union Angle version.

Angle valves allow for the supply of hot and cold water to the Prestex TMV and boast standard features such as isolation for water supply, non- return valves for prevention of cross flow, removable filters for protection of the sensitive thermostatic element and test points for use when pressure and temperature measurements are required.  Plus the union angle TMV valve allows flexibility in the connection with a 360 degrees rotation.

The newly introduced Union Angle TMV boasts an additional feature – a locking capability in the closed position.  The main advantage for this addition is that water supplies can be turned off and secured so that they cannot subsequently be turned on and therefore exposing the risk of scalding or even water wastage when the TMV is being serviced or replaced.

This new valve developed by Pegler Yorkshire offers real benefits for installers, while at the same time providing for ease of maintenance. The locking function can be particularly useful in the commercial sector, where preventing unauthorised operation of the valve can also be a factor.

“Thermostatic Mixing Valves with Union Angle Valves are a popular product in the industry but by incorporating this new feature into our already highly engineered valves I believe installers and specifiers will certainly see the additional benefits,” said Pegler Yorkshire Product Market Manager Barrie Plant. “These valves are durable and tamper-proof and allow speed of installation, but most importantly offer no compromise or loss of joint integrity. The new Angle Valve variant is also WRAS approved for use with UK potable water supplies.”

Pegler Yorkshire is continually developing its range of Prestex Plumbing valves to meet the demands of sustainability and efficiency within the industry and ensure its position as a leading UK manufacturer for the plumbing and heating sector.

For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 0844 243 4400, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk