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A multitude of possibilities with Buzon® pedestals


Building a terrace in a conventional way is not always easy. Joint expansion, water drainage difficulties, slope control… All these problems often compromise the durability of the terrace. Laying on pedestals was very quickly imposed, to meet all the constraints encountered on the sites.

As a true pioneer in the sector, Buzon® has been able to meet market expectations and develop solutions and products for all types of projects. Residential terraces, flat roof terraces, garden landscaping, fountain terraces, podiums, marquees, technical floors for industrial applications… Buzon® offers solutions for every project.

A simple and effective solution for creating an outdoor space without masonry work

With an installation on pedestals, the tiles are directly raised to the appropriate height, like a terrace on stilts. Perfectly stabilized, it is reassuring and allows to follow the slightest desires of its installer.

Adjustable blocks for terraces

Buzon® pedestals are adjustable in height, which allows the creation of elevated terraces up to 955 mm. The numerous accessories offer solutions to all expectations, including slope correction up to 5%, and sometimes 10%. They allow the implementation of terrace coverings of various types and shapes.

The advantages of Buzon pedestals

The quality of the adjustable pedestals ensures that the user will be able to withstand all types of weather, aging, UV rays and climatic variations…

More info : www.buzon-world.com

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