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A perfect blend of innovation and affordability: Introducing Beko’s award-winning AeroPerfect™ range of built-in ovens


Winner of 10 Which? Best Built-in Oven Awards, Beko’s range of AeroPerfect™ ovens, which all come with an ‘A’ rating for energy usage, have been designed with simplicity and energy-efficiency in mind to help save users time and money.

In their AeroPerfect™ built-in ovens, Beko, the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand, have developed and improved upon the all too familiar fan oven, creating the ultimate easy-to-use appliance to enhance any kitchen design and add value to homes on any new build development. This innovative technology takes built-in ovens to new heights of performance whilst retaining the competitive pricing synonymous with the Beko brand.

Beko’s award-winning AeroPerfect™ technology is available within ovens throughout the brand’s range

The technology allows a constant stream of airflow to be created within the oven, minimising temperature fluctuations to ensure food cooks quickly and evenly every time. When tested against models from a number of the brand’s key competitiors, Beko’s AeroPerfect™ ovens achieved the most even and consistent grilling performance by a significant margin.

The range offers 35% faster cooking and 40% more even cooking than previous fan ovens, with a 25% larger grill making it the ideal solution for larger families. The brand have also updated their aesthetic styling across the range, creating beautiful ovens to complement any modern kitchen design.

Beko’s AeroPerfect™ ovens sit within the customer-favourite brand’s RecycledNet® range. These appliances feature parts made from recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste which have been transformed into high performance, thermally resistant materials. Beko’s RecycledNet® ovens reduce the embedded carbon footprint of the product, as well as the use of virgin plastic, demonstrating one of the ways in which the company are continually working to reduce their impact on the environment.

Beko’s AeroPerfect™ technology features in all single built-in ovens within the brand’s contract range of appliances, from their entry level model through to the highest specification versions, meaning this innovative technology is accessible to all, whatever the project budget. Higher specification models within the range boast additional features for added functionality and flexibility, such as Beko’s 2-in-1 Split&Cook® technology which allows two different dishes to be cooked at the same time at different temperatures, and a built-in air fryer feature, new for 2023, which negates the need for additional countertop-cluttering appliances.

Beko’s 2-in-1 Split&Cook® technology allows two different dishes to be cooked simultaneously

Beko’s simple-to-install ovens further benefit from an easily removable glass door and the brand’s SimplySteam™ technology, both designed to enable the appliance to be easily cleaned.

An extended 10 year parts guarantee, available on selected products within Beko’s contract range, demonstrates the company’s confidence in the longevity of its appliances. In addition to a standard 2 year labour guarantee, the parts guarantee enables registered products to be repaired for up to 10 years, extending the life span of the appliance. With sustainability being front of mind for specifiers, as well as home owners and renters increasingly aspiring to lead more sustainable lifestyles, encouraging the repair rather than replacement of products aligns with these ambitions, helping to minimise wastage and support the circular economy.

Beko’s range of AeroPerfect™ ovens form part of a carefully-selected contract range of appliances available specifically for specifiers of new housing projects through Beko plc Appliance Partners, the company’s dedicated contract supply division. Beko plc Appliance Partners provide a flexible end-to-end service, partnering with housebuilders, developers and build-to-rent providers to offer tailored solutions to suit a project’s individual requirements. A dedicated Specification Manager is able to recommend the most suitable appliances for each project, offering expert advice and support throughout the purchase process.

Mike Beech, Specification Manager at Beko plc Appliance Partners said: “Beko’s AeroPerfect™ range of ovens continue to prove popular with our partners. Aesthetically the appliances complement any modern, sleek kitchen design, and we know users love the technology which consistently provides perfect, quick and even cooking results. We are delighted to be able to offer specifiers a selection of affordable Beko ovens featuring this market-leading technology, with options available to suit all project budgets.”

To find out more about Beko plc Appliance Partners, visit https://appliance-partners.bekoplc.com.