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A shower drain that is spectacular outside and brilliant inside


Aquabocci specialise in drainage systems that are unlike anything else you’ll see on the market – with an emphasis on clean lines, channelled design, and high grade materials, the founder’s industrial design credentials are evident in the simple, innovative concepts.

The idea of having a small slot in between tiles that acts as a drainage system has always been a nice thing to imagine, but now Aquabocci has designed a product that makes that idea a reality.

drain2‘The Blade’ comprises of a 1200mm removable anodized alloy lid and is available in 5 sleek colours, matt black, titanium, metalazan, champagne and GT Silver.

The product has infinite design possibilities and allows you to cut the alloy and ABS to the exact length you require.

When you order the product it is delivered to you in a cylinder style carton which contains all the required fittings, an installation guide and 2 ABS channel bases which allow the installer to sync the system with varying floor heights and waterproofing details.

The UK based company made a splash with the success of the top selling A40 lineal drain that is also made from Anodized alloy. The blade has taken 2 years to develop and the company which was founded by an industrial designer is anticipating that this new product will be another success.

“The Blade” joins an already strong arsenal of options, as the team release a new product each year. Since 2010, we’ve seen the A40 drainage system, the Aquabocci Wundergrip CSIRO R-13 non-slip and the Aquabocci Custom.