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A Sustainable Retrofit


EPR Architects’ new London headquarters, All Saints in Austral Street, underwent a remarkable transformation into a net-zero carbon in operation studio. Zumtobel’s lighting solutions were pivotal in this retrofit project, aligning with the practice’s sustainability, flexibility, and innovation values.

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EPR Architects’ new London headquarters, All Saints, is a testament to sustainable retrofitting, aiming for net-zero carbon operations, epitomising the practice’s values. Following decades of unsympathetic alterations, EPR has restored a once fine but crumbling Victorian building to its former glory.

The collaborative effort between EPR Architects, Zumtobel, and other stakeholders, including Hilson Moran (MEP Consultant), Sheridan (M & E Contractor), and McCue (Main contractor), realised their vision for the retrofit project, without overstretching the tight budget.

Preserving Heritage, Embracing Sustainability

The retrofit project aimed to restore the Victorian building’s original charm while incorporating sustainable practices. Zumtobel’s lighting solutions played a central role in achieving this balance, emphasising energy efficiency and aesthetic enhancement.

Luminaires and Design Integration

Zumtobel’s diverse range of energy efficient LED luminaires, including SLOTLIGHT Infinity D/ID, VIVO, PANOS infinity, LINARIA, ONDARIA, LINETIK, SUPERSYSTEM in various sizes and shapes, ARTSIGN and), RESCLITE PRO emergency luminaires, LITECOM lighting controls and eBox, AMPHIBIA and Sister brand Thorn Lighting’s Aquaforce Pro, were strategically installed to complement the building’s design and layout.

Dominic Norman, Architect at EPR Architects, expressed his satisfaction with the project, emphasising Zumtobel’s contribution to its success. “The rectangular formed linear SLOTLIGHTS in the studio spaces complement the exposed services aesthetic and provide uplighting to highlight the existing flitch beams and exposed joists,” he remarked. “Tracked spotlights lift the rusticated, textural qualities of the exposed masonry, drawing attention to the heritage of the Victorian building and furthering the feeling of a creative work environment.”

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Challenges and Solutions

The project encountered challenges such as lead times and budget constraints. However, Zumtobel’s proactive approach, including regular design reviews and transparent communication, facilitated effective problem-solving. Collaborative efforts with the contractors ensured smooth installation despite logistical hurdles.

Client Satisfaction and Recognition

The successful integration of Zumtobel’s lighting solutions garnered praise from EPR Architects and other project stakeholders. It was shortlisted for the Environmental Prize in the New London Awards 2023, and as a net zero carbon in operation project, it achieved an excellent BREEAM RFO 2014 rating. Furthermore, it embodies many WELL building standards, representing a beacon of sustainable retrofitting and design excellence.

Dominic adds, “The successful integration of Zumtobel’s lighting solutions has not only enhanced the functionality of our spaces, but also elevated the overall aesthetic appeal of the All Saints project. Incorporating scene control settings proves particularly useful and ensures we have the right light levels for all occasions in meeting rooms and the central hub space to fit the various functions – daily use, presentations, or as an event space. Zumtobel’s dedication to service excellence and attention to detail truly made a difference.”

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