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Adding a deck to one’s garden is unquestionably one of the best investments a homeowner can make


However, choosing the right decking is also hugely important. Trex, the world’s No 1 decking brand, offers a simple and easy way to enhance your garden, whilst also building with green materials. With high-definition wood grain patterns and rich, saturated colours inspired by the outdoors, Trex composite decking looks natural and boasts a vibrancy that remains unchanged for years.

Trex decking features a protective shell for superior defense against severe weather and heavy foot traffic, Trex deck boards will retain their good looks even after years of wet British winters and are guaranteed to look as good as new by the time summer comes around – year after year. Just an occasional sweep, and a clean with soap and water is all that is needed to ensure the beauty of a Trex deck for decades.

Not only is it long lasting and low maintenance, Trex also has excellent sustainability credentials, something that is becoming more and more essential for homeowners looking to update their gardens. Recycling is now an important part of everyday life now, helping to protect our limited natural resources.

Ever since being founded in 1996, Trex decking has been made from a minimum of 95 percent recycled and reclaimed material. This includes hardwood sawdust from woodworking operations, as well as plastic film from many common household items – such as sandwich/bread bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags and grocery/retail bags. Trex decking is the ultimate environmentally responsible choice.

Trex’s exclusive formula brings together the best qualities of wood and plastic to create a superior alternative to wood, resulting in products that require only periodic cleaning to stay “like new” for years without the need for sanding, staining, or painting.

When it comes to outdoor living, it’s easy being green with composite decking. Designed with high-definition, nature-inspired wood grain patterns, Trex decking is available in a wide range of colours – from walnut brown to weathered grey – allowing homeowners to tailor their gardens to reflect their individual personality and style. It is not just Trex’s green credentials that make it such an appealing proposition for homeowners.  Trex also offers a variety of products and services that make it stand out from its competitors. Today’s high-performance composite deck boards, like those from Trex, are warrantied to last for 25 years or longer. However, it is important not to forget about the substructure underneath. If the posts and beams that support the deck are made of wood, they are likely to deteriorate long before the decking warranty elapses. In fact, it has been found that almost all wood substructures show signs of splitting, rotting or decay after just eight years.

Trex® Protect™ Joist and Beam Tape is a simple and cost-effective solution to combatting the damaging effects of both Mother Nature and Father Time Aa self-adhesive butyl tape designed to protect wooden joists and beams from moisture that can lead to rot and the loosening of deck screws and fasteners.

Trex Protect effectively shields the tops of joists, rim joists, ledger boards and beams from moisture that can lead to the development of rot and wood decay. It also acts as a barrier between wood and galvanized metal commonly used in construction hardware such as joist hangers. Additionally, Trex Protect seals deck fasteners and helps deck screws hold longer and stronger by preventing moisture penetration and defending against splitting that can result from seasonal freezing and thawing.

Available in two widths, 4.13 cm for joists and 7.94 cm for beams, Trex Protect works on horizontal and vertical surfaces and allows the wood to breathe. The butyl-based self-adhesive also won’t bleed, dry out as quickly, or curl up and hold water like many asphalt-based tapes.

It is not just the decking itself that needs protecting from water and the elements. The space under decking too often goes unused, as a result of its exposure to the elements. That is where Trex RainEscape comes in.   For those looking to create something more unique or add the wow factor to their outdoor space, RainEscape is the answer.

One of the easiest – and often overlooked – ways to add value and function to any outdoor area is to create usable, dry storage space beneath a deck. As long as the space is accessible and properly protected from the elements, it can be used to store virtually anything. Storage is a common problem many homeowners suffer with, whether it be storing garden furniture, cushions or garden tools – we all have items that need to be kept dry and safe.  Yet not everyone has the space for a garden shed.

For years, homeowners, builders and contractors have neglected to take advantage of under-deck spaces.  However, it can offer the perfect storage solution for space conscious homeowners.  The secret to creating a successful under deck storage system is adding a deck drainage system.  Using a network of troughs and downspouts, the Trex RainEscape system captures and diverts water away from a deck, not only preserving the studwork but also making the area under the deck useable for storage.

For optimal protection and aesthetics, Trex RainEscape offers an above the joist system.  It uses an ultra-durable, rubberized membrane that drapes down into each joist bay.  The membrane pieces are shaped so that they can be stapled to the top of the joists yet hang lower at one end of the bay to facilitate drainage.  When the joists cantilever past a bearer, separate pieces are installed on each side and sloped to direct water to the gutter on the inner face of the beam.

The main advantage to this type of system is that it protects the entire substructure and the area beneath the deck from water damage and deterioration. Trex RainEscape also includes a heavy-duty waterproof tape that protects joists and bearers from moisture penetration, helps to hold screws in place longer and serves as a shield between galvanized metal and timber.

Trex decking offers something for everyone, with a range of colours, finishes, styles and addons, as well as being highly sustainable and durable. They have earned their title as the UK’s number 1 composite decking brand.

Trex decking is available locally through Arbordeck stores http://www.arbordeck.co.uk/

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