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Energy Conservation

Allbrite UK


Allbrite UK have recently helped over 60 customers reduce their household running costs to almost zero, in many cases their homes now generate a modest income. Allbrite also have a successful record in helping commercial businesses achieve even more surprising results, one such example is Box Studios in Liverpool who, it is estimated, will save over £10,000 per year since Allbrite installed a Biomass Boiler, a 10kW Solar PV system and rainwater harvesting.

For over a decade Allbrite have been investing in innovative Renewable Energy Technologies and techniques. Originally the Allbrite contract flooring division introduced Electric Ribbon Underfloor Heating to the UK and have since supplied and installed many prestigious housing and apartment projects.

Allbrite like to think that we are different from their competitors. Projects are taken on a one-by-one basis, offering consultation, advice and solutions that will suit the project scope exactly. All of their products integrate perfectly within any home or business without intrusion into lifestyle.

Managing Director Russell White believes in putting his money where his mouth is. He has recently completed his own eco house overlooking the Dee Estuary in North Wales. His home incorporates many of the products from the Allbrite portfolio.

“I built the house out of waste pallet blocks which don’t need mortar joints.  This was a huge challenge as no-one had built a house like this before.

The house has been a complete success.

We have rain water, well water, mains water, solar thermal hot water and a heat recovery system. There are no air vents; it’s a sealed house with assisted mechanical ventilation. There is LED lighting throughout; I’ve got a central vacuum system. There’s no gas or oil installed in the house at all. Solar panels and wind turbines produce all the electricity we use. Electric Ribbon Underfloor Heating is installed throughout – the house actually generates an income for us through the Feed in Tariff.”

Allbrite also have what is believed to be a unique Eco-Showroom. Again this does not have any running costs.

“Biomass and Air Source Heat Pumps are certainly coming of age; we have both in the showroom. In conjunction with the Renewable Heat Incentive and grants that are currently available these are the sort of technologies that are becoming more and more attractive to the penny-wise consumer.”

Allbrite are so committed to these renewable energy technologies that they are building a brand new purpose built head office that will their feature renewable energy throughout.

Our full range of products can be found on our website – www.allbriteuk.co.uk, or call 0800 781 3908 for our latest brochure.