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Discover the world of aluminium with Almeco’s bxDECOR range of colours, textures, and finishes. Explore the endless possibilities, designs and applications.

The diverse range of aluminium colours, finishes, and textures, offers countless possibilities for applications across numerous industries. From design to architecture, from furniture to accessories, from automotive to naval, from cosmetics to the electronics industries.

Aluminium’s unique characteristics – such as its strength, ductility, light weight and its almost infinite recyclability – combined with its many customisations’ options – help make this metal the ideal choice for decorative applications such as furniture, objects, merchandising, and product design.

Thanks to its innovative lines and over 60 years of experience, Almeco has built a very extensive catalogue of surfaces – completed by customised solutions –, that provides various solutions in terms of effects, finishes, and colours for each application.

bxDECOR offers an extensive range of colours that are ever-changing and always in line with the most current design trends: from warm, earthy colours to metallic tones. The wide range of colours is complemented by the different finishes possible – embossed, brushed, specular and textured.

Easily combinable with other materials is ideal for the realization of HPL, CPL laminates, honeycomb and sandwich panels. Available in coils and large plates, creates a seamless design guaranteed by the perfect flatness and uniformity of the surface

The bandoxal range also includes bx3D, a line of three-dimensional aluminium surfaces dedicated to architectural and interior applications.

Lightness, versatility make bx3D ideal for wall and ceiling coverings and design solutions.

5 different patterns besides the possibility of customization to give exclusivity to the project.

Within the Almeco decorative products range, one can also find bxPRO, an array of aluminum surfaces crafted to embody superior durability without compromising on aesthetic allure. This specially designed aluminum for outdoor application undergoes a treatment to establish a resistant anodising layer measuring up to 25 microns, and it is offered in various finishes, including matte, satin, brushed, or glossy and colours. Noteworthy for its robustness and resilience to environmental elements, bxPRO finds applications in architectural projects such as facades and roofing claddings, but also for interior applications.

A selection of surfaces of the bandoxal line are available on Almeco’s e-commerce: a portal created to speed up the process of purchasing and shipping the products most in demand by companies.

Almeco spa
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