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An even bigger and better range of wood ceilings has been released by Armstrong


Leading interior solutions provider Armstrong Ceilings has enhanced its new wood range to make it possible for specifiers to achieve multiple layout combinations with standard products.

The original range was launched last summer with an exposed grid and tiles and planks, and in veneer, where real wood gives a particularly prestigious, high-class solution, or laminate, for a durable and more affordable option.

Both the tiles and planks enable ease of installation as well as safe and secure accessibility to the plenum for electrical and HVAC maintenance in interiors such as board rooms, lounge areas, atriums, hotel lobbies, offices and libraries.

Now the range is also available as a concealed system using hook-on panels on a standard grid in three panel sizes, five standard matt veneers and three perforation options for optimum acoustics.

Panel sizes of up to 2.4m long can be mixed and matched as a continuous or cloud ceiling on the same project to help create a distinctive visual, a 6mm reveal enabling a true monolithic visual to be achieved.

And in addition to the concealed option, there is also now a configurable option which offers specifiers customised designs using an extended range of up to 34 veneers including Alder Wood, Bamboo, Douglas Fir, Olive Ash and US Maple.

The perforation options in the veneer range are available in circular or grooved holes, backed by an acoustic fleece, to achieve up to 0.65 aW.

The new wood concealed brochure can be downloaded on https://www.armstrong.co.uk/commclgeu/eu1/uk/gb/wood.html and enquiries handled via as-info-uk@armstrong.com.

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