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Ancon’s new rebar continuity system wins ‘Best Product’ award


A new anchor system from Ancon that changes the way concrete slab-to-wall joints are constructed has been voted ‘Best Product in Show’ at the 2013 UK Concrete Show, Europe’s largest specialist concrete exhibition.
The Ancon KSN Anchor represents a completely new approach to reinforcement continuity. It creates high performance joints quickly and more safely than re-bend continuity boxes or coupler-based solutions which involve either rebar straightening or awkward anchorage lengths in the wall.

The internally-threaded anchors are simply cast into the wall and, during construction of the adjoining slab, accept continuation bars prepared with a Bartec parallel-thread.

Unlike re-bend systems where bar length, spacing and diameter are restricted by physical box dimensions, KSN Anchors provide total design flexibility. The KSN system easily accommodates the longer lap lengths now required by Eurocode 2 and a standard timber carrier allows multiple anchors to be installed simultaneously, at the designed spacing.

Comprehensive independent testing at Heriot Watt University has verified an enhancement in anchor performance when the KSN system is used in moment-resisting connections. This research has enabled Ancon to develop a range of relatively short anchors, suitable for a wall thickness from 175mm, which can achieve the design resistance of the rebar.

Although new to Europe, KSN Anchors have been used extensively in Australia.

Ancon Marketing Manager, Annabelle Wilson, said “We are delighted to have won industry recognition with an award in Europe so soon after launch. Reinforcement continuity at joints is clearly a major issue. Structural engineers and contractors are looking for ways to reduce congestion in the wall, remove the risks of bar straightening from construction sites and accommodate longer continuation bars.”

“With the KSN system, our in-house development team has addressed all of these issues, as well as providing fast product installation suitable for both in-situ cast and precast concrete applications.”

The KSN Anchor is the latest new product from Ancon, a Sheffield-based structural fixings specialist. In 2012, the company received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for a unique Lockable Dowel used at temporary movement joints to accelerate post-tensioned concrete frame construction.