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Appeal Home Shading – Affiliates Scheme


Recommend Appeal Blinds to your clients: save them money & earn commission Appeal Blinds Affiliates Scheme – it’s a win-win-win.

You can trust in your referral Appeal Home Shading is the powered shading specialist for highspec homes. With over 35 years of experience behind us, we have a commitment to quality and service that measures up to your own high standards, and those of your customers. As blinds specialists, we provide bespoke solutions for challenges such as high gable-end windows, lantern and sloped glass roofs, bifold doors, conservatories and glazed façades running the length of a room. Our collection includes hundreds of choices of blind styles, fabrics, colours and patterns, including thermal insulating blinds to help reduce energy costs. Outdoors, our high-quality Haus awnings are also tailor-made to your clients’ needs – covering as much or as little area as is needed. They are designed to be beautiful and built to last. Both our ULTRA Smart Blinds and Haus electric awnings can be fully integrated with home automation systems.

You add value to your customers Our affiliates’ reputations are as important to us as our own – and we value ours highly. We have a dedicated team to manage the orders of customers you refer to us. You are welcome to be on hand for consultations, or you can trust that we will deliver a professional service with unparalleled expertise – enhancing your reputation for having recommended us. You can also tell clients you are able to secure a 10% discount for them – it will be made clear in any communication between Appeal and the client that this is because of your influence. Appeal is a British company, based in Bristol, and we work nationwide, with design consultant, surveyor and fitter teams located across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Bottom Line – Commission As an Appeal Affiliate, you will earn 10% of the value of an order placed by a client you refer to us – it’s as uncomplicated as that. A typical order is worth £10,000 – a £1,000 commission you earn by just sending us the introduction – and many are significantly higher. We have affiliates in a number of different sectors: A/V & Smart Home Integrators; Interior Designers and Architects; Property Developers & Estate Agents. Simply sign an affiliate agreement, then, any time a client expresses a need for shading solutions, contact us with their details and we will arrange a design consultation. Once an order is complete, Appeal will automatically pay you the 10% referral commission.

Become an Appeal Affiliate
If the Appeal Affiliate Scheme might be of interest to you or your company, please simply reply to this email at affiliates@appealgroup.com We will then send you a copy of our brochure, containing more details about our service and products. Our Business Development Executive Tina Loveland will then contact you with further details.