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Bathrooms & Washrooms

Aqata – luxury walk-ins


Aqata has an extensive collection of luxury walk-ins and contemporary shower screens with hinged panels, which have been designed specially to create seamless wetroom style showering areas.

The stylish Spectra SP446 Walk-In Screen with Hinged Panel in particular has become a best-seller for Aqata since it was introduced in 2011. Offering clean lines and a spacious contemporary showering space, the 1950mm high corner walk-in has a practical 350mm hinged panel to keep overspray to a minimum. This allows easy access and also maximum freedom of movement as the shower space is not fully enclosed. The model is also available with a side panel as the Spectra SP446C (shown) to create a complete wetroom style enclosure, whilst maximising the sense of space in the bathroom.

For stockists please contact Aqata. Tel. 01455 896 500 email. sales@aqata.co.uk