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Aquobex appointed as global distributor for J & J Carter’s flexible and reusable Eco-Dam


Aquobex, a leader in the design and provision of flood management solutions, announced today that it is been appointed as the global distributor for J & J Carter’s Eco-Dam. This brand new patented product is a temporary, removable, re-usable and recyclable product that can protect a group of properties from impending flood risk. Eco-Dam can also be used as a temporary cofferdam* on construction sites and rivers.

“We are delighted that J & J Carter have appointed us to distribute this innovative new product;” said John Alexander, director at Aquobex. “Its versatility and flexibility make it the ideal solution for not only for certain flood protection sites but also in a range of specialist engineering scenarios.”

ecodam2The Eco-Dam is manufactured from high tensile PVC coated polyester and incorporates a specially patented design which prevents rolling. The overlapping modular format provides extended protection in linear form but it can also be arranged to from shaped enclosures i.e 90 degree turns and complete enclosure. This affords protection to an entire enclosed area of land or building(s).

The Eco-Dam is not only suitable for water authorities and councils to store in readiness to deploy in the case of impending floods, but also for civil engineering contractors to use as cofferdams in the re-construction and maintenance of water ways and rivers.

Robert Carter, director at J & J Carter, said; “Aquobex is rapidly establishing itself as the point of contact for anyone requiring quality independent advice on products and solutions for the management and mitigation of flooding and flood risk. It makes sound commercial sense for them to act as our distributors and we look forward to a beneficial partnership over the coming years.”

The Eco-Dam is easy to use and can be deployed rapidly. When not in use it can be deflated and rolled up for ease of storage and removal and should damage occur it can be easily repaired in the field.

For more information on the Eco-Dam or other flood protection measures and equipment please visit www.aquobex.com, email them on enquiries@aquobex.com or call 01923 518582

*A cofferdam is a watertight enclosure pumped dry to permit construction work below the waterline.


Aquobex has been formed by John Alexander from Revetment, an established specialist flood protection company and Gavin George, one of the country’s leading experts on flood protection solutions. Based at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) at Garston in Hertfordshire, Aquobex specialises in forming and integrating solutions to mitigate flood risk. The company provides services and products supported by extensive expertise and experience in this specialist market. The company’s view is that any solution to flood risk should meet the following criteria, namely, it should be accredited, guaranteed, independent and insurable. This means that the prevalent insurance issues as well as the flood risk can be managed and mitigated.

For more information on Aquobex please visit www.aquobex.com