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Are you gearing up for a planning application for a Commercial Kitchen ?


It’s a hurdle that often leads to delays and headaches without proper guidance

We’re here to make that journey smoother. As an independent, sector-focused service, operating nationwide in the UK, we offer a comprehensive toolkit to empower you in submitting your planning application.Our talented team has a wide variety of experience, of which many are experts in their field. Supported by industry recognised brands, we have the knowledge to help you.

As part of the Hunsworth Food Service Design family, we have a unique perspective on the challenges you encounter. This connection not only enhances our understanding but also allows us to deliver tailored solutions that address your specific needs.

We support architects, developers, landlords, owner/operators, groups, and equipment distributors embarking on projects like new restaurants, cafes, pubs, hot food takeaways, and more. Whether it’s a standalone venture or part of a larger development, we’ve got you covered,

Here’s what we include in our package:

Ventilation and Extraction Statement

A detailed document outlining your proposed ventilation system, a must-have for your planning application..

Detailed Designs

Clear illustrations showcasing the layout and components of your ventilation system

Elevation Drawings

Showing the size, location and external appearance of any ventilation equipment and ductwork

Technical documents

Specifications, technical details, and maintenance recommendations for equipment.

EMAQ+ Report (Risk Assessment)

Compliant assessment for controlling odour and noise from commercial kitchen exhaust systems

Noise Impact Statement

Thorough assessments by qualified engineers to address noise concerns..

Odour abatement techniques

Our ventilation designs include equipment approved by local authorities to remove odour – such as Ozone Generators and Activated Carbons Filters.

Grease and Smoke Control

Grease in the duct is a major fire risk and the appearance on kitchen outside walls is often the cause of complaints. Introducing equipment such as Electrostatic Precipitators before the fan effectively remove grease and smoke from the air

Are you considering a project?

Whether you’re evaluating a property purchase or ensuring compliance with regulations, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to streamline your planning application?
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