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Automatic choice for architects


GEZE UK has published two new brochures to provide architects and specifiers with a comprehensive and clear overview of its market-leading range of automatic sliding, telescopic and folding door systems, and its swing door systems.
The guides cover the roles and uses of each of GEZE’s highly functional automatic systems, and include easy-to-read comparison charts and installation drawings for every door drive. From simple explanations about functionality and stylish in-situ photography to the complex drive length calculation tables, these multi-purpose brochures provide an excellent reference for each stage of design and specification.
Clear descriptions and diagrams of each variant provide important extra information about their use and benefits, while all the supplementary accessories are listed, from manual and automatic actuation to safety sensors and locking systems. As a result, the new brochures are an ideal reference point when considering fire safety, accessibility and efficiency.
Managing director Andrew Hall commented: “These two brochures are invaluable tools for anyone specifying automatic door systems in the UK. Architects can compare the benefits and functionality of different drives with ease, plus we’ve made the descriptions of variants and accessories as simple to understand as possible, ensuring our customers are making the best specification decisions from the start.”
To download both the swing door brochure and the sliding, telescopic and folding door brochure, please visit the downloads section at www.geze.co.uk or to request a print copy call 01543 443000.