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Babylon – Contemporary Abstract Print


RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd is pleased to announce the introduction of Babylon a contemporary duo-toned abstract print.

Babylon is a modern rune-like design based on historic symbols or lettering. It has a subtle overall non-directional design with a discreet surface texture that creates a subtle textile impression from a distance.

Available in two colour variations, non-intrusive Bablyon 1 is a bright modern white-grey while Babylon 2 is a green-blue combination which creates a stronger colour statement.

This is a unique and interesting design that has potential to be used in a variety of different settings and may be particularly well suited for hotel or retail interiors. It is ideal to create panelling as design feature in bedrooms, bar or reception areas.

RENOLIT is the market leader in 3D thermoforming films. Our surfacing products have been developed to meet the highest standards of design, quality and performance. The RENOLIT 3D Stock Range is presented as two individual brands, each with distinctive and appealing product characteristics.

RENOLIT COVAREN contains the company’s premier 3D films. This stock collection is setting trends with new and sophisticated surface structures. Incredibly realistic woodgrain prints are almost indistinguishable from real wood. The range of solid colours contains metallic effects as well as matt finishes. Superb high gloss films are available in a variety of colours and brilliant decors.

babylon2 (1)RENOLIT ALKOREN presents a classic collection of woodgrains and solid colours. All the major woodgrain species are available in a range of different shades and tones. Choose between oak, beech, maple, cherry, as well as exotic timbers, and fashionable fruitwoods. A wide range of solid colours covers the whole palette – from light to dark and vibrant to subtle.

All the new designs can be seen in the 2013 edition A4 RENOLIT Highlights collection binder, which is available in addition to the handy A6, sized 3-part complete range set.

We hope you like our new designs. To request samples or any further information please contact RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd by email at renolit.cramlington@renolit.com , by phone on 01670 718222 or via the web www.renolit.com/design.