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BAL launches new RIBA-approved outside tiling CPD


BAL – the UK’s market-leader for tiling solutions including adhesives, grouts, levelling waterproofing and drainage – have launched a new CPD seminar on external tiling to balconies and terraces.

The new RIBA-approved CPD seminar provides architects, specifiers and contractors with an overview of external tiled living spaces, how to ensure perfect lifelong installations and comparison of available assemblies and system design.

The trend for outdoor living has led to a growth in domestic markets for external tiles on balconies, large roof/ground floor terraces and patios.

As well as adding monetary value to a property, tiled external areas can be aesthetically pleasing, offering a wide range of colours, textures and finishes. Inside/outside tiling is preferred over cheaper alternatives due mainly to the durability, longevity, life-cost (replacement of materials etc.), and for being low maintenance i.e. easier to clean than many non-tile coverings and structures.

Outside living can also help to promote health and well-being benefits as these extra useable areas for open air living, help to soften heavily urbanised locations and steadily increase the number of green and usable spaces for leisure.

Balconies, roof terraces and patios are part of a trend which is inspired by aspirational and luxury living in suburban and rural areas alike.

When specified with the correct tiling systems, all types of tile installations are possible for outdoor use including ceramics, porcelain, some natural stone and pavers.

With the right products and systems, these long-lasting balconies and terraces can be designed and installed for all year round enjoyment.

BAL’s new CPD seminar provides specifiers with a comprehensive technical overview on avoiding potential issues including cracked tiles, frost damage, efflorescence and moisture staining – all caused by inadequate drainage of the tiles surface.

Explore the positives and negatives of traditional assemblies and backgrounds such as cement:sand screeds, loose lay systems, pedastals, drainage screed and drainage screed and drainage mats.

The seminar explores design considerations such as construction, waterproofing, insulation, falls, drainage, movement joints and edge details, while building connections and inside to outside transitions are also considered.

BAL’s new CPD has been put together following the launch of the company’s new external tiling solutions from sister company Gutjahr, which provide rapid and immediate drainage of external tiled surfaces.

Water is drained down through the screed and transported from the assembly by the use of a drainage mat, meaning no water staining, no freeze/thaw threat or efflorescence.

BAL offers three systems, each designed to meet height and weight requirement of varying constructions and a number of different edge finishes, depending on screed thickness, tile size and thickness and the desired look.

The new products represent a complete range of solutions for the BAL portfolio and work as a system with current BAL preparation, adhesives, grouts and sealant products.

This means for the first time architects, designers and contractors are provided with a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for balcony, terrace and patio systems for a range of different coverings.

To book BAL’s new RIBA-approved CPD on external tiling solutions for balconies and terraces please contact the BAL specification support team on 0797 0450 205 or visit www.bal-adhesives.com

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