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Drainage & Plumbing Waterproofing

Basment Replacement


Everything needed to convert a dark, dingy basement into a valuable living space is offered by Delta Membrane Systems. Delta’s tried and tested product range will overcome any penetrating damp problems, to turn the basement area into warm and inviting accommodation.

Included in the product line‐up is MS‐500 Original cavity drainage membrane for use on walls and floors, and vaults, as a waterproofing system.

This 0.6mm thick membrane features studs measuring 8mm deep. Made from high density polyethylene in a clear finish, MS‐500 gives a compressive strength of greater than 250kN/m2, and is able to drain some 135 litres/min. of water per metre run.

Alongside this, Delta offers MS‐20 which is a brown dimpled drainage sheet with high drainage capacity and substantial compressive strength – more than 150kN/m2, and is able to drain some 600 litres/min. of water per metre run.

Any water that builds up from the cavity drainage membrane can be cleared by the Delta Sump + Pump collection.