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Bathroom Evolution Gathers Pace, Not Space


A new generation of bathroom solutions are leading the way, designed specifically to maximise space whilst integrating the daily essentials into these smaller spaces.  The latest products have the tough task of combining luxury designs and modern innovative features, with durable long lasting ‘fit-and-forget’ reliability, whilst creating the illusion of space in smaller bathrooms.

The UK has seen a marked rise in the use of concealed WC cisterns – a trend that is predicted to gather pace. The products optimise space while maintaining the functional aspects of the practical bathroom.

Although most bathrooms will tend to get smaller in the years ahead, it’s important that as well as being functional they retain the private ‘sanctuary’ feel and a sense of tranquillity for the end-user. So striking a sensible balance of size and design is key for new builds.

It’s important of course, that smaller concealed cistern designs don’t mean a reduction in features.  Clever technologies put concealed cisterns at the cutting edge of bathroom innovation. Ease of maintenance through quick release fill and flush valves and rapid water isolation mean hassle free servicing.  Modern cistern internals are reliable and offer flexibility and vitally, water saving ‘green’ features. The current trend of ‘back to nature’, blends the functional water saving features with the convenient use of wood as a primary material in furniture. Combining concealed cisterns in sleek modern-appeal furniture, combines space maximisation, practical storage solutions and a functional bathroom, unified in a modern, clean, living organic bathroom.

The UK market continues to see positive growth of the ‘In-wall frame’, concealing all the fixtures and fittings behind the wall. These systems allow designers to create a hygienic easy to clean, ultra reliable and a visually attractive look; replacing the traditional exposed ceramic ware.  But forget thinking of this as just niche market appeal. In-wall products offer a seamless integration into both domestic and commercial applications, providing at a stroke, mass market appeal.

One of the key advantages of wall-hung sanitary ware is the immediate hygiene benefit on offer. Just think of all the difficult, hard to access areas that floor standing toilet pans and basin pedestals create.  These cause tremendous concerns, particularly in commercial applications such as clinical settings or hotels.  Wall-hung solutions offer the benefit of ‘floating’ elements which are considerably easier and faster to clean. They fit the trend for clean, uncluttered living space, with no hidden areas for dirt and dust to collect.

In-wall solutions clearly complement the modern, high-spec finish many homeowners seek.  The toilet is being seen less as a functional appliance and more as part of the decor – demanding aesthetically pleasing toilet units that ‘upgrade’ the image of the toilet and its associated elements.  In most cases, the only visible section of a wall-hung WC is the ‘flushing plate’. Contemporary and infinitely customisable flushing plates are available, ensuring a perfect match to any design vision for the bathroom.

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