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Big Foot Systems – The Complete Solution to Support Building Services and Access Equipment on Flat Roofs


Big Foot roof support systems are designed to support anything that is installed on a fat roof.

Big Foot Systems create a safe and secure roof support systems for all air conditioning and refrigeration roof, plant and associated services. Big Foot Systems have been used on countless prestigious projects including: Leatherhead Police HQ, University of Leeds, HSBC Leicester and the TTC Hotel Dublin.

Reduces the cost of the roofing installation – Removes concrete obstacles, creating a clear roof area therefore reducing complex, time-consuming and expensive detailing.
Reduced risk of leaks – Does not penetrate the roof surface, removing any difficult detailing around concrete structures.
Improved aesthetics – Neat and tidy solution for all roof plant and associated services.
No plant decommissioning – No need to remove or decommission roof plant during roof repairs or resurfacing.

About Us

Walkway SystemsBig Foot Systems first entered the UK marketplace in 2001 with the introduction of simple frameworks to support condensing units.

Our aim was to provide an easy & economical alternative to concrete blocks for supporting plant on a flat roof without penetrating or damaging the roof surface.The on-site flexibility of the frameworks proved popular and the product range was developed to include cost effective supports for duct & pipework runs.Big Foot Systems have since added two simple Walkway systems to offer a secure route for service engineers and other personnel.

Big Foot Systems are now able to offer solutions for supporting anything on a flat roof, from condensing units to solar panels. Our dedicated design team work on

Fix-it Foot large scale bespoke project. All we need is a roof drawing or simply weights and dimensions of roof plant in order to prepare a quotation.

We boast a growing product range and an experienced technical support team, setting the standard on any installation whilst meeting the needs of consultants, engineers and architects.






Website: www.bigfootsupport.com