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Birmingham turns over a new leaf


Few buildings have attracted the same level of public attention in recent years as the opening of the new Library of Birmingham. The façade of the 11 storey, £189million building that was designed by Dutch architects Mecanoo, has been likened by many to a wedding cake.

The external impression is possibly deceptive in belying the vast 330,000 sq. ft. interior that is home to multiple performance spaces, an exhibition gallery, music rooms, rooftop terraces and a large glass central book rotund that contains many of the 1 million books it houses.  Little wonder then that this library has been duped as one of a new breed of international ‘super library’.

Ensuring that this iconic building will live up to everyone’s expectations, involves many different elements. This includes ensuring the consistent and reliable delivery of hot and cold water supplies.  Little wonder then that Grundfos Pumps were selected to work with contractor Cofely GDF Suez to produce a long term robust solution that would meet all the demands.

The small army of 38 Grundfos pumps from the workhorse like NB range of sturdy end-suction pumps and CR multistage centrifugal pump, both of which are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, families were carefully selected to efficiently meet the ongoing demands of such a large public space.

In terms of the future the public are voting with their feet and visitor numbers already exceed all expectations. So it seems clear that people in the UK are ready to fully endorse this new adventure in terms of re-launching the modern library and Grundfos Pumps are proud to be playing their role in writing the next chapter in the evolving history of the library.