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Blackburns’ Steel Color specified for lift cars


MarCo Specialist Interiors Ltd is an established company within the lift industry, specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke lift interiors.

The company’s scope of works ranges from; full lift car relines, handrails, mirrors, flooring, on site door and architrave skinning, to new lift cars , machine guarding and all associated works within the industry.

Following a recent order for a new lift car, where Steel Color® stainless steel was specified by the architect, MarCo turned to the material’s UK supplier, Blackburns Metals.

Blackburns Metals distributes Steel Color® from a nationwide network of Service Centres and supplies a comprehensive range of stainless steel colours, patterns and surface finishes in standard sheet sizes or cut to size.

Lift3Steel Color® is manufactured by Italy’s leading stainless steel specialists. With advanced technology and unique design and polishing techniques developed by the manufacturer, Blackburns can offer stainless steel sheet in a wide range of colours, patterns, surface finishes and textures not previously available in the UK.

Stainless steel is a high quality material that is dimensionally stable, does not rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does, and possesses high level hygienic qualities and great mechanical properties. Stainless steel’s inherent properties make it an ideal material for architectural and building applications that include interior and external cladding, decorative and protective panels.

The combination of various colours and satinising finishes (such as mirror, scotch brite, hairline or cross-satinising) increase the options available in the stainless steel range and the addition of embossed patterns or etched texture effects mean the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Steel Color® does not use pigments in its colouring process and therefore is not susceptible to UV degradation, particularly important when the material is used outdoors.

Lift2Commenting on the project, Duncan Stone of MarCo Specialist Interiors said;

“MarCo is a leading contractor within the lift industry, a reputation built on the design and manufacture of high-quality, engineered, bespoke products from the finest materials available. When the specification for new lift car interiors arrived, we welcomed the opportunity of working with the Steel Color product, having been very impressed with samples we had received from our local Blackburns Service Centre. MarCo places high demands on its suppliers and the materials they provide and I am pleased to report that our working relationship with Blackburns and the Steel Color product bodes well for future projects”