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bott workspace solutions – custom design & build service


With over 90 years of industry experience, the Bott Group are Global market leaders in creating professional, efficient and durable working environments.


Here at bott, we focus on delivering high-quality workspace solutions, that provide real value for our customers. We developed our custom design & build service in answer to the many challenges faced when creating the optimal workspace. How do you make the working area fit-for-purpose, whilst also fulfilling budgetary and time constraints? We understand that whether for a new facility or the transformation of an existing area, these projects often involve time-consuming research and significant decision making – not to mention the list of potential costly problems.

Our project management team are specialists in the field. With many years of industry experience in a wide range of sectors, they can visit your site – in person, or virtually – to learn more about your particular requirements. By really listening to the needs of customers, our team focus on delivering useful functionality through the right materials, design and production process. By assessing your operational needs, processes, workshop size, location and budget; they can create a full 3D visualisation of your proposed solution. With a versatile range of products and the extra flexibility that comes from our own UK manufacturing plant – you receive a truly tailored solution.

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Our products are often supplied for large building projects in the manufacturing, engineering, education and technology sectors. If you’re an architect or project manager, our workplace storage offer is enhanced through BIM compliancy, via bimstore. Items such as cupboards, workbenches and cabinets can be accurately visualised in workplace layouts, allowing for full collaboration with all stakeholders.

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Installation Service

For peace of mind and to finish off the process, we can install the equipment so it’s ready for use. Installations are scheduled to suit you and our highly trained engineers are on-site to meet the delivery and handle every part of the build, leaving you with a working environment to be proud of. From initial site visit through to completed installation you can be sure we will provide a quality, professional and hassle-free service.

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We’re confident that our products & services offer long-term support; from innovative design to on-site consultation, reliable delivery and installation options. We invest continuously in our UK manufacturing facilities and we’re proud to be a British manufacturing success story. Our products cover a wide range of applications and are backed up with a 10 year ‘Built to Last’ extended guarantee.

Arrange a consultation: 01288 357788 or info@bottltd.co.uk

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