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British Manufacture & Sustainability – Commtel Ltd


At Commtel, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying telephone-based access communications and control solutions, here in the UK, since the early 1990s.

Our original landline-based intercom, the Telguard Senior, was the first on the market to obtain full BABT approval. This was followed in 2006 by our innovative GSM solution, harnessing the flexibility and reliability of mobile phones.

As British innovators, our in-house R&D team work hard to cater for almost any environment by developing our customer’s ideas into great products and ensuring high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Even as component shortages hinder the world’s manufacturing industry, our team continue to develop our products to ensure the longevity and evolution of our products and the associated services.

Over the years, we have planned and implemented several sustainable strategies. Most recently, the recycling of older or damaged products is proving to be one of our most beneficial initiatives. Our upgrade paths also introduce new features and improved functionality each time, enhancing every unit without the need for a complete replacement.

In brief, we are recycling the rarest components and metalwork, which have a limitless or much higher life expectancy. The reuse value of these critical components has grown dramatically in the last two years, giving greater worth to discarded circuit boards and helping to prolong the use of those vulnerable components. This enables continual support, where in some cases, the lack of supply is a grave risk to our British production.

The concept of making or gaining extended life for Commtel products through repairs, upgrades and recycling valuable components, rather than bowing to the ‘throw away’ culture, reduces waste and creates better value all around. All without compromise to warranty, customer support and our first-class service commitment.