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Building operators save time and money with rubber floor coverings


Floors have to meet particularly tough specifications in buildings with a lot of public traffic. Floor coverings in public authority buildings, schools and hospitals, for instance, have to be not only extremely durable and hard wearing, but must also be resistant to stains and damage, as well as being hygienic and easy to clean. Another key aspect is the health and environmental compatibility of the products.
Especially in office buildings and in the public building construction sector, choosing a floor covering is a decision that is made for decades to come and should therefore be the object of considerable consideration. In the life cycle of a building, only around 20% of the total costs are attributable to the actual construction, with maintenance costs making up the other 80%. Forward-looking planning can therefore cut expenditure to a considerable extent. This particularly applies to the floor covering. On the one hand it takes up a large proportion of the building’s indoor surface area, while on the other it is a permanent installation and thus an integral component of the building structure. Rubber floor coverings from nora systems offer far-reaching benefits in this respect – they do not require a coating, can be easily cleaned, and are also exceptionally kind to the environment.

Long life span

Floor coverings from nora systems are rubber through and through, and their surfaces are totally sealed and therefore practically indestructible. Stains, scratches and other damage hardly have any chance at all. In contrast to linoleum and PVC, rubber coverings do not require a coating. This is a great advantage as other resilient floor coverings have to be regularly recoated as soon as the prone surface has been scratched, becomes stained or wears down, which is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Nora floor coverings, on the other hand, still look practically like new even after decades of intensive use.
Cleaning plays a key role as well where the economic efficiency of a floor covering is concerned. Due to their dense surface, rubber floor coverings can easily be kept clean using a simple all-purpose cleaner, making them ideal for healthcare facilities with their high hygiene standards. They are insensitive to stains and resistant to surface disinfectants. Even brief exposure to solvents, diluted acids or lyes does not leave any lasting traces either.

Easy to clean – with no chemicals at all

An innovative floor care system was recently developed by nora systems: nora pads. These are cleaning disks that are impregnated with countless, microscopically small diamonds. The floor covering is cleaned and polished mechanically – using just water and without any chemicals at all. nora pads can be used with most standard types of machine and are available in different sizes. Cleaning floors using these pads is not only cost-effective (since it makes cleaning agents superfluous), but it is also good for the environment and people’s health. In this respect, nora rubber floor coverings have always been a step ahead of the competition. Devoid of plasticizers or halogens, they became the first ever resilient floor coverings to be awarded the “Blue Angel …for low emissions” eco-label as long ago as 2006. This was followed by other international Green Design certificates.
Another bonus is that rubber floor coverings are ideally suited for the increasing number of allergy sufferers as well. Rubber does not offer a breeding ground for allergy-inducing substances, such as the excrement of household dust mites. Blossom or grass pollen brought into the building on people’s shoes can be simply wiped off the floor. All in all, their high degree of wear resistance and outstanding cleaning characteristics make nora floor coverings extremely long-lasting and cheap to maintain, making them the perfect choice for buildings where many people move around every day.