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Carbon Monoxide – the latest guidance


Kidde Fyrnetics has launched its guide to carbon monoxide safety in housing – updated with details of brand new models to the TenYCO range of 10-year guaranteed CO alarms – at the 2013 Gas Safety Management Conference.

This CORGI organised event is the inaugural Conference for the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) and the first National Inter Authority Gas Forum. Kidde Fyrnetics – a sponsor of the Conference – launched its guide to carbon monoxide at the event. The guide covers sources and dangers of carbon monoxide in homes, Building Regulations and other requirements for CO alarms, specification and installation – including correct locations. It also provides details of new models just added to the TenYCO range of battery carbon monoxide alarms – the very first with a full 10-year guarantee covering both alarm and sealed-in lithium battery.

These self-contained, state of the art CO alarms are specially designed for quick and simple installation by anyone and for low cost of ownership, offering ‘Best Value’ over a 10-year life. They are ideal for social and private landlords, and complement Kidde’s ten-year battery optical smoke alarms.


The brand new 10LLCO and 10LLDCO models share many of the features of the original 8LLCO alarms launched last April. In anticipation of future changes to the European CO alarm product standard, the new alarms have an extra End-of-Life/Fault LED and “ramp up” horn. They also offer “Quick Test” functionality whereby the unit can be tested with carbon monoxide gas spray and react instantly to confirm the presence of carbon monoxide, rather than the normal response times required in BS EN50291.

Both models are small in size with a slim profile and can be wall-mounted or used freestanding. They are simply activated by the slide-on back plate, so preserving battery freshness until needed, and a tamper resisting self-locking installation system avoids battery theft. An event activity data log for each alarm is available, upon request from Kidde, indicating: the number of on and off events, the last peak event ‘ppm’ and date, the number of peak events since activation, the number of days since activation and any fault events.

Carbon monoxide alarms are essential to protect occupants and meet housing providers’ responsibilities. With Building Regulations, the Green Deal and other safety regulations requiring them, fitting carbon monoxide alarms is an important consideration for anyone working on housing. But they must be reliable, safe and problem-free over the long term. The TenYCO range has been designed specifically to meet all these demands. It is ideal for local authority and housing association use, particularly as it can be installed quickly by the maintenance team. Kidde’s competitive pricing will meet any Best Value criteria, making TenYCO the responsible choice for all those involved with housing.

For more information, visit: TenYCO.kiddefyrnetics.co.uk or email: kiddefyr@ukgateway.net