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Carl Stahl Evita Ltd


Carl Stahl Evita Ltd working in conjunction with Tolent Living Ltd and Chrisand Fabrications – Carl Stahl has manufactured, supplied and installed the wire rope balustrade assemblies, handrails and woven wire mesh as per the clients’ requirements.

The Malings, an exciting new development on the Byker Bank in Gateshead, is home to modern town houses incorporating the latest innovative products.

Within the scope of supply, we used dual thread screws and stainless steel eyenuts to create anchor points at 300mm spacings to connect our I-SYS® stainless steel wire ropes. The spacing gave minimal sagging between the points as the client desired.  The ropes were tensioned using our extremely easy to use swageless external thread connections (these threads quite simply screw onto the wire rope, meaning no accurate measurements have to be given prior to site attendance) which then attached our turnbuckle barrel to give tension within the system.

Our X-Tend® stainless steel mesh was then laced onto the framework. The mesh used was made from 1.5mm ø stainless steel AISI 316 7×19 wire rope, held together with AISI 316 stainless steel ferrules. The sizing selected was typical for balustrade scenarios @ 40mm x 69mm Mesh Width (MW) x Mesh Height (MH). This gives an optimum transparency rate of 89.9% whilst still conforming to the requirements of building regulations.

The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the user, specifier or architect when utilising the form fitting X-Tend® visit our website https://www.carlstahlevita.co.uk/Articles.aspx?type=projectportfolio for more information on some of the projects realised using Carl Stahl’s latest and innovative product ranges.

Contact us for more details and to discuss your projects.

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