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Clapham Junction Station, London


As part of the Government’s £370m Access for All scheme to make UK railway stations more accessible, a £14.5m step-free entrance building has been built at London’s Clapham Junction. Delivering smooth operation and closing reliability in all weathers and seasons, DORMA’s ED 100 swing door operators proved perfect for the building’s new automatic doors.

Europe’s busiest railway station with 41 million trains passing through each year, Clapham Junction welcomes hundreds of thousands of passengers onto its platforms every day. Delivered by Network Rail with main contractor Osborne, the improvement package makes the station fully accessible for all passengers, including those with reduced mobility, heavy luggage or children.

Even in tough conditions, such as strong wind loads acting on the door leaves and in extreme cold temperatures, the ED 100/250 swing door operators from DORMA excel with their opening and closing behaviour by responding flexibly to the prevailing weather conditions, helping to avoid heat loss and therefore contributing to the reduction of the building’s overall carbon footprint.

During in-house testing at temperatures of -15°C, the ED 100 was proven to prevent up to 50% reductions in closing speeds when compared with DORMA’s previous model of electrohydraulic operator – ED 200. Also, its integrated Initial Drive Control (IDC) ensures functional stability as the system detects and compensates for even the slightest irregularities in the door’s performance.

In low temperatures, the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid used in traditional swing door operators will rise. This can cause resistance and a decrease in speed which means the door may not close properly. As the ED 100 doesn’t use a closed hydraulic system, instead equipped with a multi stage gear, the operator requires only a small amount of high performance grease to continue to function at the highest standard.

The ED 100 swing door operator is also equipped with DORMA Wind-Load Control. While adjusted to automatic mode, the system recognises and compensates wind loads with a force of up to 150 N (maximum admissible force) making it the perfect solution for doors subjected to high winds and extreme temperature.

Suitable for internal and external doors, both single and double leaf, the ED100/250 swing door operators are designed as part of DORMA’s elegant Contur range. The ED 100 operators offer a contemporary, unobtrusive design which is impressively compact suiting all environments and interior designs.

As part of the major improvement works, Osborne completed construction and delivery of brand new ticketing facilities, travel information screens and toilets in a fully-refurbished ticket hall – helping to make the station more accessible, brighter and much easier to negotiate. For the entrance to the new lift lobby at Platform 17 – providing excellent access to a number of platforms – DORMA supplied the ES 200 sliding door operator.

Designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of virtually every automatic sliding door application, the DORMA ES 200 automatic door operators seamlessly blend into almost any building design, with a stylish and modern cover that also features DORMA’s Contur design styling with sleek contours and perforated end caps.

Easy to install and set-up, it features a powerful motor and a dynamic acceleration/deceleration control capability to ensure reliable operation. The operating performance of the ES 200 is matched by its clean design that complements any interior scheme.

Now complete and officially opened by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in May 2011, the new entrance building and its much improved route to Clapham Junction’s 17 platforms allows thousands of passengers a smooth, hassle-free access to one of the world’s most famous railway stations.