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COBA moves Plan.a manufacture in-house


COBA Europe has recently moved manufacture of its Plan.a aluminium entrance matting to its own facility in the UK. This exciting move brings a multitude of benefits to customers.

The Plan.a system, which is custom made-to-order to individual specifications, can now be produced to COBA’s own high quality standards, and delivered in much shorter lead times. This means that Plan.a can be more competitively priced in the aluminium entrance matting market, with the added advantage of efficient UK based sales support.

Plan.a is an exceptionally adaptable, heavy duty aluminium entrance matting system. It is ideal for entrances subjected to high volumes of pedestrian footfall. With Plan.a, there is a choice of surface material options in either an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ construction; the latter retaining the dirt and debris on the mat surface. Choose either one style of insert, or a combination of insert styles, including Atrium Nylon carpet, Needlepunch carpet (in a variety of colours) or ribbed PVC.

COBA2Flexible, yet durable, PVC linking joints make Plan.a easier to handle during the transportation and fitting stages. Plan.a comes with the option of two heights of profile; either Standard or Low. The Standard version is ideal for entrance areas with a matwell, whereas the Low Profile option is designed specifically for surface laid installations with optional ramped edging.

COBA Europe offers an on-site templating service, with FITA trained sales personnel, to ensure precise specification during the ordering stage.

For further information, please contact COBA Europe Ltd on 0116 240 1088 or email: sales@cobaeurope.com / www.cobaeurope.com