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CPD highlights the beauty and benefits of Hunter Douglas Wood Ceilings


Hunter Douglas has received accreditation from RIBA for a CPD presentation entitled Wood Ceilings: The Beauty and Benefits.

The presentation is designed to help architects and specifiers gain a clearer understanding of how such a traditional building material translates to contemporary design and architecture.

It highlights how Hunter Douglas has pioneered technology to create wooden ceiling systems that are flexible, durable and sustainable, offering truly bespoke solutions for a wide variety of internal and external applications.

hd2Construction professionals are now able to request a presentation from Hunter Douglas, which will count towards their individual CPD qualifying requirement.

This latest CPD covers the aesthetic and practical uses for wood and the wide design flexibility available to the specifier. It also highlights how the use of wood supports responsible design and provides an important guide to the performance standards that can be met through the use of wood systems.

hd3A spokesman for the company said

“Starting with the architects concept we work with them to achieve their dream,”

“Years of experience combined with the flexibility of the solid-wood systems help deliver a practical solution based on sound design criteria.”

“Each and every project is special and for this reason, there is nothing standard about our products – each wall or ceiling we manufacture is a tailor-made solution.”

hd4Hunter Douglas wood ceilings and walls introduce a beautiful and organic element that fits in applications from commercial ceilings, to hotel ceilings, restaurant ceilings, lecture halls, and more.

As a manufacturer of building products, Hunter Douglas has environmental factors to consider, such as materials, production methods, life cycle waste management and energy balances and life-cycles.