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Drainage & Plumbing

CPD Seminar from WPL


Are you involved with projects which involve off-mains drainage? Leading wastewater treatment solutions manufacturer, WPL, provides the informative CPD ‘An Introduction to Small Off Mains Drainage Solutions’. This offers guidance to architects who deal with drainage for wastewater from single houses and small communities which cannot connect to the mains sewerage network. It includes a review of the wastewater treatment options, environmental requirements and regulations, building regulations, biological sewage treatment systems, effluent disposal options and soakaway design.

This WPL CPD covers two RIBA Core Curriculums: Compliance and Designing and Building It. WPL has a nationwide team available to deliver CPD training. Contact us now by visiting our Resources page on www.wpl.co.uk  for more information for architects.

WPL Diamond InstallationWPL Diamond Schematic