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Heating & Ventilation

Daikin Altherma Flex – Energy Efficient Heat Emitters


Daikin Altherma heat pumps can connect to an array of heat emitters. Space Air provides the stylish, quiet, individually controlled Daikin fan coil units. A perfect, highly energy efficient, match to Daikin Altherma.

Connectable Heat Emitters:
• Under floor heating (by others)
• Radiators, high or low temperature (by others)
• Heat Pump convector (coil) units (from to Space Air)
• Air Handling units (from Space Air)

Many available, floor, wall, ceiling and ducted type fan coil units can easily replace existing heat emitters or simply be added. The floor/low wall type (as pictured) includes the additional benefit of a titanium photocatalytic air purification filter.

Stylish, low operating noise down to 19dBA, individually controlled and able to heat or cool depending on your system type. The low quantity of water needed enables an immediate response to demand making Daikin fan coil units perfect for any room in the home.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Convector FWXV-A:
• Extremely quiet (19dBA)
• Highly energy efficient
• 2 way air flow
• Instant air flow distribution
• Titanium photocatalytic air purification filter

If you would like further information on any Daikin products call Space Air Solutions on 01483 252 252. Alternatively visit our website https://www.spacealtherma.com/daikin-alth