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DCP’s Cemflow Topping


DCP’s Cemflow Topping has the strength & durability required in the industrial environment and is combined with good aesthetic appeal for commercial use. DCP has attended to the needs of clients, specifiers, contracts & applicators in the UK market for 85 years.

The speed of application, whether by hand or pump, of this self levelling, fast setting, and pre-blended cementitious screed provides the minimal downtime for new and renovation projects where foot traffic is possible after 3 hours.ku6ta

Ideal for use in many areas, Cemflow Topping exceeds the minimum requirement of the Special Class Abrasion Resistance (BS EN 13892-4) and is able to cope with the high levels of wear and abrasion in most situations.

Cost effective and appealing to the eye Cemflow Topping is now readily available in 9 of the market’s most popular colours: Sand, Almond, Chalk, Apple, Brick, Sky, Charcoal, Flint and Pebble, together with the ever popular Natural. Whether specifying for a school, gallery, showroom, hospital or retail outlet, the advantages of this self levelling floor screed allows you to conceptualise your flooring desires.

The integral part of a tried and tested cementitious flooring system, Cemflow Topping provides a compressive strength of 35 to 40 N/mm2 dependant on colour. Cemflow Sealer is applied after 6 hours to increase the abrasion and chemical resistance and further minimise the floors maintenance requirements. With an application depth of 5 -15 mm on its own, Cemflow Base can be applied to increase the depth of application with an additional 50 mm giving a total of up to 65 mm thickness.floor for mall 002

Regardless of your needs and requirements, DCP can provide a full range of Modern Flooring Solutions with the necessary expertise and quality to advance your task at hand and put your mind at ease.