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Bringing with it a look influenced by contemporary exploration submarines – a substantial bulbous styling with a ‘porthole’ fire window to maintain the nautical theme – Némofocus is yet another contemporary design of fire from the Focus range offered by Diligence International.

Equally suited to traditional or contemporary settings, the Némofocus fire features a spherical fire box measuring 700mm in diameter, and producing an impressive 14.5kW output to keep large areas warm. Add to this an efficiency rating of 81.5% and it quickly becomes apparent that the Némofocus combines both style and performance.

Although it appears to be a sphere, the fire box is actually truncated at the rear, allowing the fire to fit neatly into a corner of a room.

The matt black steel flue brings a powerful statement to the room and the integral base plate further adds to the appeal of the Némofocus installation – all of which are available from Diligence International.

The company’s own Hetas-approved installation team is available to ensure the correct fitting and commissioning of the fire.

Némofocus is just one example from the extensive collection of Focus fires from Diligence International, with the wide variety of designs offering something for every location.