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Dorma ED 100 Offers Proven Reliability In IceHotel’s Sub-Zero Temperatures


At the world-famous IceHotel in Sweden, ice is the key material. However, there are just some things that just can’t be made from ice, including doors and door controls. For the entrance to the hotel’s luxurious Royal Deluxe Suite, a glass door and an automatic swing door operator were required but with this came the challenge of finding a product that would operate at sub-zero temperatures. DORMA market leader ED 100 door closer was up to the ice cold challenge.
Every year in Jukkasjärvi, 200km north of the Arctic Circle, the IceHotel is erected from 1,000 tonnes of snow with each unique suite created by a different designer from around the world. Faced with internal temperatures of -8°C, the IceHotel’s most luxurious suite needed intelligent door technology that would not be impaired by the climate and could still perform in the harshest conditions.
Delivering smooth operation and closing reliability at extreme temperatures, the ED 100 electromechanical swing door operator from DORMA proved ideal.
In low temperatures, the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid used in traditional swing door operators will rise. This can cause resistance and a decrease in speed which means the door may not close properly. As the ED 100 doesn’t use a closed hydraulic system, instead equipped with a multi stage gear, the operator requires only a small amount of high performance grease to continue to function at the highest standard.
During in-house testing at temperatures of -15°C, the ED 100 was proven to prevent up to 50% reductions in closing speeds when compared with DORMA’s previous model of electrohydraulic operator – ED 200. Also, its integrated Initial Drive Control (IDC) ensures functional stability as the system detects and compensates for even the slightest irregularities in the door’s performance.
The ED 100 is also equipped with DORMA wind-load control. While adjusted to automatic mode, the system recognises and compensates wind loads with a force of up to 150 N (maximum admissible force) making it the perfect solution for doors subjected to high winds, as well as extreme temperatures.
By paying particular attention to using less material compared to previous generations of door operators, DORMA reduced the required material by almost 40% for the ED 100. A more sustainable solution, it once again fitted the bill perfectly where environmental concerns are naturally of extreme importance and the project aims to be CO2 negative by the year 2015.
Without compromising aesthetic considerations and still meeting functional and environmental requirements, the ED 100 operators offer a contemporary, unobtrusive design which is impressively compact. This allows them to blend in with the most architecturally sensitive environments – including walls made entirely of ice and snow.
“Designed by regular IceHotel contributors Marinus Vroom & Marjolein Vonk, the Royal Deluxe Suite provides guests with easy access to the bedroom with the welcome privacy of a conventional door, thanks to the DORMA ED 100,” said Simon Chapman, Automatics product marketing manager. “It offers uninterrupted use despite the harsh surroundings to reinforce the company’s position as a true market leader and perfectly illustrates the ability of DORMA products to work at exceptionally low temperatures.”
Traditional swing door operators may require temperature related adjustments and are susceptible to energy loss and decelerated opening and closing cycles. With the ED 100, DORMA has delivered a reliable solution that will continue to function to the very highest standard, even when installed north of the Arctic Circle.